Dream Car Expo , Mid Valley

3rd Dream Car Expo is a place for you to look for your DREAM car . Mark your date down now and don't miss out again ! Dream Car Expo have ready a lot of events and activity for you !

The event gathers automobile fans to find their dream cars and even get to own their dream car with affordable prices . This event also gets opportunity for car dealers and buyers . A platform for the community to share common interests , expand their network as well as business etc .

For some, it is a luxury Rolls Royce outfitted with smooth, leather seats and voice control. For others, like me, a dream car can be a simple Perodua Viva – mini, compact and slots easily into parking spaces . Look for your own dream car at the Dream Car Expo, happening from 28th to 30th October at the Mid Valley Exhibition Center, KL. 

Expect the likes of luxury and sport cars, sedans, family-friendly Multi Purpose Vehicles to compact cars from brands such as Hyundai, Volkswagen, Kia, Peugeot, Mazda, Hyundai and Nissan . There will be booths selling car accessories , fragrances and dashboard cameras , as well as car tinting services . DreamCar Expo was different compared to other shows as they were more consumer-centric .

For those who successfully buy a car during the expo (not just booking!), they will be entitled to a free car tinting that worth RM1488 , 1 year membership worth RM 689 and aslo Car Coating Cash Vouchers worth RM1500 , T&C applied . 

Visitors who pre-register through WeChat will get a free limited edition Dual Pendrive with 8 GB . Other than goodies . Simply scan the QR code and follow Golden Land Expo on WeChat , send them code ‘DCE2016’ and follow instructions for the redemption .

“I urge everyone to come, whether you are a car lover or a family looking for your own dream car,” . Admission is free .


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