SweetSpot Malaysia Apps

SweetSpot Mobile App is a mobile app for retail and consumer merchandise . It mainly focuses on giving out great deals and promotion . Moreover , it also shares information and help its users to discaover new things in town .

If you love sweet offers , this is the app for you . Not just because you get the best deals in town but this app also learns and remembers your interests so you only get deals you like . Once you have this app you don’t have to go looking for treats . They come looking for you .

So give it a try. Come and discover this wonderful lair and great wonders shall come in big and small sizes , right on your screen. Sometimes, even in a form of a surprise! Isn’t that sweet?

Please download sweetSpot mobile app to find out more details 
iOS : https://goo.gl/pPZEyr
Android : https://goo.gl/8PVA4b

You can also sign up your Visa Checkout account via the link below to get your RM1 a la carte quarter chicken at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS .

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS has got what you’re seeking. For a limited time only, Visa brings you RM1 for a la carte quarter chicken! Download SweetSpot and buy it with your Visa card now to get your sumptuous deal . Click on "Buy It" proceed the pay via VISA checkout and you are ready to go for the RM1 Redeemtion at any Rogers ROASTERS outlet except for stated below ....


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