Till today , mostly everyone carries Smart phone device and all of which require almost daily charge to keep them operational . In some houses , most of the occupants will have few phones or any device that needed to charge them all at similar times can cause a bit of a power socket shortage . Innergie have come up with a solution to this problem by creating a USB hub which can charge three USB devices . It also features inbuilt protection from over-voltage/current , over-temps and short circuits . They have also included an energy saving mode , for when your devices are not charging .

Entering into Malaysia makes the innovative charging solution  is a portable charging set that enables individuals to charge all their mobile devices with ease and live an on-the-go lifestyle , knowing that they are powered and connected at all times . ideal for the world travele rwho requires maximum mobility .

The package comes in 3 items as well , LifeHub mobile USB Power Hub , Power Adapter AC and Power Cord with guides and manual included as well .

LifeHub (3 USB Power Hub with Extended Reach)
Amazing Teardrop Aesthetics
6.3A Output for Faster Charging
Three USB ports for Simultaneous Charging
InnerShield™ Power Protection
Integrated GreenSense™ Technology

The LifeHub is very smart looking with three USB ports at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock . When connected to the mains, the cut out in the LifeHub glows a nice blue, indicating it is powered on .  With built-insmart chips, it can detect the type of devices attached and adjust power from its three2.1A Output USB ports accordingly .

End of the Review , I think the LifeHub is a great device for houses where there are multiple users of phones , tablets and other tech devices , who often want to charge them at the same time . Innergie charging devices that not only charge my travel gear but and also with the size and weight to make it compact and elegant at the same time . With designed smart and easy to use . Overall I think the LifeHub is a great accessory for my family that should have item in the house , it makes sharing the charger that much easier . The LifeHub is a great redesign of the classic USB charger , featuring inbuilt protection and of course increasing the distance you can be from a socket , which I find is incredible .

Where To Get?? Kindly Click to Check It out : Lazada.Com / Innergie Traveler's Power Pack


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