BMS Organics Green Monday Launch


BMS Organics launched its “Green Monday”healthy eating campaign along with its  all-new green menu to motivate Malaysians to go green and organic meals to stay healthy . this campaign is a timely prelude to creatingawareness on keeping   good health in support of imminent global health campaigns such as World Heart Day related health issues which could be addressed significantly by healthy-eating .

BMS Organics’ CEO Terry Lee reminded that obesity and cardiovascular diseases areon the rise in the country . The most common health problems in the country are heartand cholesterol-related disease and stroke , which mirror lifestyle problems like improper nutrition , bad eating habits , stress , lack of exercise etc . Many Malaysians areregularly eating too much and exercising too little . 

healthy and balanced diet is becoming more crucial as an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle . However , in Malaysia where good foods abound , it’s achallenge to eat healthy paving way to unhealthy eating habits which trigger cardiovascular health setbacks . “Eating less meat  and more  greens and in appropriate portions are a good start to keeping our body healthy . Eating more greens is not a huge life-changing or challenging decision but once you realize its importance , you should approach an organic lifestyle inbaby steps relevant to your life – starting with your meals .

“Many assume organic meals or anything organic ‘must not be delicious’ due to the common perception that healthy food are unsavoury to the human palate . That is amisconception as many green or organic-inspired dishes can be really yummy . BMS’ all-new green menu launched were showcased to the media with   sporty-attired models presenting the new fusions of taste , ingredients , method of preparations and presentations . This is to appeal to Malaysians to enjoy green meals in a more tantalizing , colourful , exciting and trendy manner .

This new menu caters for breakfast , lunch , dinner , snacks and kids meals   tooffer suitable and the right amount of nutritional needs for an all-day  healthy eating . There are over 60 items on the menu now , with many either enhanced or are totally newconcepts .  Colourful and interesting dishes like Summer Grain Quinoa , Organic HarvestSalad , Fruity Nutty French Toast , Fresh Yogurt Dragon Fruit . Organic 8-Vege Rice , Lei-Cha Delights , Organic Curry Pot will surely captivate consumers’ hearts and satisfy their gastro experiences . The public can start enjoying this new green menu at all 19 BMS restaurants throughout Klang Valley . I had a great Experience at BMS Organics Puchong Jaya . 

To further motivate the public to  eat healthy , at least a ‘must’ for 1 day in a week , BMS Organics has launched its “Green Monday” campaign where one can   enjoy a green meal on Monday , you will get the second one for free . For member , you will earndouble point when purchasing products on Monday . As organic foods are rich in fiber but low in sugar and fat , they help to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure caused by unhealthy diet . Certified organicproduce and products are free from pesticides , artificial   flavours , colours and preservatives . As such , they also help lower exposure to chemicals that are harmful toour health .


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