Pasir Kubur , Sungai Lembing

Perkelahan Pasir Kubur
"Pasir" is Malay for "sand" and "kubur" means "grave" while "perkelahan" means picnic area.

-- This popular picnic and camping area by the river is sandy and we can find many stones of all sizes smoothened by the river waters. These river-stones are probably used by the locals for the village cemetery that is just nearby, hence the place name .

Accessible by car , Perkelahan Pasir Kubur is located just about 1 kilometer from the main road at Kuala Kenau . The turn at the main Kenau road involves crossing the river on a wooden bridge, and taking a right turn at a crossroad near the Malay cemetery. When water levels are low , cars can even be parked on the sandy stones by the river .

The water on normal days is crystal clear , and the sandy and stony river makes for a nice cool dip on a hot day . Wading in the middle of the stream at Perkelahan Pasir Kubur . Enjoying the cool and clear waters of the river .

However, during the wet monsoon season at the end of the year, the river is usually swollen and the surrounding areas flooded, and as such is not a place to go to .


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