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On the first day on work , I was given various tasks and introductions by the range of departments in the office , from this department to another department and the another department . introducing them one by one , Honestly I can't really remember everyone on that day . On the following weeks I started slowly to know everybody names and realize that the work task not really suitable for me and learning slow But I'm trying to be strong that won't easily give up on trying to learn more for getting experience in workforce . Guess what ? , I was still working in this Company Till today for six years . day by day i'm increasing my experience and started to love my job by taking full responsibility on my career . Any or every workplace sure will have Stress stuff that you facing but depends how you handle it . For me , those stress stuff I will take it as a challenging task to complete it and I won't take my stress face back to home instead bringing back home with a smiling face .

Recently I was facing some difficulties at work and trying to get someone to Consult me as well . In no where I saw this Jobstore (The leading career magazine in South East Asia) helping me figuring out what it was good at . They are good in helping to solve any problem by write in to jobstore .


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