I Love Coffee & Tea Expo

I Love Coffee & Tea Expo roadshow event was created for all coffee and tea lovers , in this roadshow is combine with locals and international brands of coffees and teas  . The Kickoff expo located at Empire Shopping Gallery , LG floor on 18th July till 24th July . Do dropby and visit them ! The event is focused on Tea , Coffee and related products . Specialized event for consumer genre presenting fresh ideas , new trend , tradition . The latest product launch and trends will set the benchmark for the beverage that they are selling . The tea and coffee tasting opportunities with seven stalls .

There will be a sampling section at the store to let people try out the products and this act as a way to introduce the products to the local consumers . The product of Nanyang Essence Super Rich White Coffee 特浓白咖啡 are less sweet and possessed a stronger & bitter coffee taste and the Nanyang Essence Brown Sugar Milk Tea 黑糖奶茶 has Special by using the brown sugar which is more nutritious . Other than this two product , they also have  Chocolate Coffee 巧克力咖啡 , Durian White Coffee 榴莲白咖啡 with three variaties Kmapung Durian , D24 durian king and Musang king Durian  too . Available at Selected AEON , KK Mart and others stores .

HL Nest (Yakuno Black Soybean Barley Green)

Japanese Diet Secret : Black Soybean Tea (Kuromame Tea) , Black soybean tea , otherwise known as kuromame tea, is another wonderful secret of how the Japanese maintain their weight and health . Kuromame tea is here to help you , Kuromame has also been linked to effective weight loss along with promoting a healthy diet . There are a few major components to black soybean kuromame tea that give it its remarkable fat shedding ability . Kuromame from Tamba japan are one of the largest and considered the best and Harvested only once a year . The famous product are Original Black Soybean Tea , Roasted Black Soybean Healthy Snack and Black Soybean Flour with Sesame . 

Seven+ Classic is the world’s first multi-botanical supplement , This supplement contains a proprietary blend of seven of the world’s most legendary, botanical extracts (Acai, Goji, Noni, Mangosteen, Gac, Sea-buckthorn and Fucoidan), enhanced with the exclusive ‘Chaperone Molecule . These superfoods were combined with the powerful nutrition of five other potent ingredients (Pomegranate, Wild Blueberries, Grape Seed Extract, Aloe Vera and Concord grapes) .

Green SUMMA Café is formulated with a gourmet blend of Arabica Beans and phytonutrient-rich extracts, including REAL Ganoderma Mushroom , Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean . 

EXfuze provide the opportunity for improved health and wealth without limits  , EXfuze is proud to offer superior products and an eXtraordinary compensation plan that have combination and All eXfuze product was manufacturing from United States .

Hexin tea sells several opinions of the best Chinese teas as well as the region and tastes of the person . There are a lot of ways to classify teas with  Different sources cite different teas . Chinese tea culture refers to how tea is prepared as well as the occasions when people consume tea in China .

Huang Chen Hao Tea Offred Authentic handcrafted teas with no chemicals with supporting evidence produce tea at the source itself Demystifying chinese tea culture Sourcing healhty tea trees with quality control is maintained . Ng mei ling The young lady handle her family business by fly over to china doing Harvesing , Withering Stage , Frying process , Rolling tea leaves , Leaves Drying , selecting out dead leaves and stems .

Biogreen, well known for its organic and natural health products for 16 years , Biogreen is inspired by natural and organic agriculture and the ongoing cause of sustainability - both of health and of the environment . As the new product their selling on biogreen stores are Pink Lady Oatmilk that contains 10 types of natural unrefined grains, beans and nuts plus the goodness of beetroot to promote rosy skin complexion and Dream Coffee Oatmilk that serves fine coffee with mild and smooth taste which surprises you with its special aroma and flavour .

ESSENSO MicroGround(微磨咖啡) Coffee is not just a testament to coffee’s but also a timely acknowledgment of its gustatory importance . So begins a new dawn in coffee enjoyment . Blending finely ground Arabica coffee beans with premium Arabica instant coffee , Deeper in aroma, richer in taste .

ESSENSO MicroGround(微磨咖啡) Coffee offers the right balance of sweetness, acidity and flavour, not to mention a rich, lingering taste. All this is made possible by MicroPlus . A proprietary technique that preserves the essence of coffee beans by finely grinding them at a low speed , in an oxygen-free and ultra-low temperature environment .

ESSENSO MICROGROUND COFFEE are available two choices to enjoy and exclusive offer by purchasing two Packet ESSENSO MicroGround(微磨咖啡) Coffee and get free ESSENSO MUG or Four Packet ESSENSO MicroGround(微磨咖啡) Coffee to get ESSENSO THERMAL FLASK that Happening only for the expo . How about get a cup of hOT coffee  or Ice Coffee for the price RM1 and RM3 .

Drop a visit to Empire Shopping Gallery LG Floor at subang Jaya by 18th Till 24th July from 10am to 10 pm . Choose your favourite coffee or tea in this Expo and hope you all enjoy about it .

Proudly to announce that Forte Expo Organizing another "I love coffee and Tea" soon held in Mid valley Exhibition Centre by 28th till 30th October from 10am to 9 pm , more than 100 vendors ready to serve you . For more information about the expo, you can visit I Love Coffee & Tea Expo


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