BMS Organics , Puchong Jaya

-- BMS Organics Malaysia has opened their New BMS Organics Outlet at Bandar Puchong Jaya and Enjoy Opening Specials , Great Deals on organic food items and many more . BMS Organics is an organic food retail outlet and vegetarian cafe .

-- BMS Organics Malaysia telah membuka cawangan baru BMS Organics mereka di Bandar Puchong Jaya dan Nikmati harga istimewaan sempena membuka , Tawaran hebat pada barangan makanan organik dan banyak lagi . BMS Organics merupakan cawangan makanan organik dan kafe vegetarian .

-- BMS Organics Malaysia在蒲种开了他们的BMS Organics新分行和享受特价,有机食品还有更多超值优惠。 BMS有机物是一种有机食品零售店和素食咖啡馆。

-- Puchong jaya branch was opened on 16th July , brings more convenient for healthy lovers in Puchong area with full range of healthy foods available . BMS Organics puchong jaya branch offered convenient mini market for products and also a fusion cafe that located on the 1st floor . Even the foods that serve in the cafe was cooked without Chemical MSG , Chemical preservatives and Artificial colorings . serving Health Foods guarantee by BMS Organics .

-- cawangan Puchong jaya telah dibuka pada 16 Julai , membawa kemudahan untuk pencinta sihat di kawasan Puchong dengan pelbagai jenis makanan yang sihat boleh didapati . BMS Organics cawangan puchong jaya menawarkan pasar mini yang mudah untuk produk dan juga sebuah kafe gabungan yang terletak di tingkat atas . Makanan yang dihidang di kafe ini dimasak tanpa Chemical MSG , bahan pengawet kimia dan pewarna tiruan . Disediakan untuk Jaminan kesihatan makanan oleh BMS Organics .

-- 蒲种的分店在7月16日开业 , 带来了蒲种区健康爱好者更方便全方位提供健康食品 . BMS有机物蒲种分店提供便利迷你市场产品和在一楼有咖啡厅 . 食物煮法没有化学味精 , 化学防腐剂和人工色素 . 全都是保证健康和有机的物品 .

-- Welcome appetizer will be serve for free to every consumer that visit the cafe with Organic Spirulina Pills and Lemon Grass Ginger Tea to warm up your stomach before meal for better digestion .

-- Pembuka selera akan dihidangkan secara percuma kepada setiap pelawat kafe dengan Pills Spirulina Organik dan Lemon Grass teh halia untuk memanaskan badan perut anda sebelum makan untuk pencernaan yang lebih baik .

-- 将免费供应给每一个来餐厅用餐有机蓝藻和柠檬草姜茶来吃饭前热身你的胃为更好地消化 .

-- BMS Organics Coming out with the new menu of MONDAY GREEN will be officially launching on 4 August 2016 , BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ON GREEN MENU for every monday with variety options . Let’s grab your Buy 1 Free 1 selected signature dishes right away . Let's Go Green together with your loved ones, family and friends on this beautiful Monday .

-- BMS Organics Keluar dengan menu baru MONDAY GREEN akan melancarkan pada 4 Ogos 2016 secara rasmi  , BELI 1 DAPAT 1 PERCUMA PADA MENU GREEN untuk setiap Isnin dengan pelbagai pilihan . Mari kita serbu Beli 1 Percuma 1 hidangan yang anda dipilih segera . Mari kita Go Green bersama-sama dengan orang yang tersayang anda , keluarga dan rakan-rakan pada hari Isnin yang indah ini .

-- BMS有机物走出一个绿色的新菜单并在将正式于2016年4月推出 . 买1送1的优惠与各种选择在每星期一绿色菜单 . 买1送1的食物选择满多的,让我们一起Go Green与您的亲人 , 家人和朋友在这个美好的星期一 .

Garden Teppanyaki Feast

BMS Signature Nasi Lemak
A healthy-twist - Coconut oil (known for its antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering properties) is used with the organic herbs and spices made sambal. The pumpkinrending
completes the makeover.   
BMS Soy Milk Curry Laksa Handmade Noodle
Craving for indulgent-tasting but healthy food? Try the best of guilt-free Curry Laksa! Formula: coconut milk is replaced with organic soy milk; herbs and spices are freshly made in-house for that authentic fragrance; and high quality grape seed oil is used.
Savoury Asam Laksa
BMS Summer Grain Quinoa
Made with organic quinoa, berries, nuts and fresh vegetables; it is tossed with a homemade garlic aioli dressing to bring all its delicious together - it’s a perfect alternative for a gluten-free diet.
Spicy Okra(Side Order)
Nana's Peanut Butter Toast(Side Order)
Jackfruitinous Rice(Side Order)
Fresh Tropical Rojak(Side Order)

Our version of the local favourite contains fresh pineapple, yam bean and cucumber, and tossed with our signature rojack paste - it’s definitely up there in the rojak-Ritcher scale.
Double-Boiled Sweet Pear Delight(Desert)
A completely nourishing traditional Chinese dessert of double-boiled sweet pear and snow fungus - warms the heart and tummy.
Sweet Potato With White Fungus Delight(Desert)
Pumpkin Barley Delight(Desert)
Normal Menu

BMS Kakka Lei Cha Vermicelli

Fresh Veggie Tuna Loaf
BMS Organics Puchong Jaya 
Address : 39, Jalan Kenari 21, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 
47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact : +60 3-8070 8302
Hours : Daily 10AM - 7.30pm



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