TC Boy Product Review

TC Boy is a local Malaysian brand that was established in 1991 and manufacturing of premium quality canned seafood for international market . TC Boy is well known in Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand , Brunei , China and Middle East countries such as Egypt . The line of products varies from tuna and salmon as the main export , to sardines, baked beans , sea coconut etc . They own a very innovative product research and development team which is committed to add varieties into their product lines to provide you and your family with more choices for healthier nutritious and more convenient meals .

TC Boy produce the freshest and highest quality products with the advance canning technology , using all-natural ingredients in its food preparations without adding artificial preservatives or monosodium glutamate . All TC Boy tuna Product is wild-caught and most of TC Boy tuna comes from the Pacific Ocean . Canned tuna is an excellent source of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals and is low in saturated fat . TC Boy are committed to provide and produce safe quality products, which meet consumer needs as well as comply with Halal guidelines consistently . All TC Boy brand products are Halal certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) or authorized Islamic certification bodies as recognized by JAKIM .

TC Boy Tuna with Chilli Padi - 180g , SinCe I was a Big fans of spicy I Made a simple breakfast with few slice of bread spread on TC Boy Tuna with Chilli Padi , I always make a simple resipe with add on Onion and mayonnaise that makes more juicy on my sandwich .

TC Boy Mayonnaise Sandwich Delite Tuna - 180g This Mayonnaise Sandwich Delite is convenient and quick to prepare a meal , A cans that comes With Tuna combine Mayonnaise that can just spread and eat or add some cucumber to make it more awesome .

TC Boy Tuna In Extra Virgin Olive OIL - 180G , Tuna In Olive Oil was the great combination in salads series , This gourmet tuna is a healthy choice for health lovers .

TC Boy Fried Mackerel in Chilli Sauce - 155G , This spicy mackerel is a tasty source of Omega-3 acids . Simple step Fried Mackerel add on Onion and potato simply serve with rice or noodles it can do , fast cook for lunch or dinner indeed . 

The story of the brand was well known in entire of Penang state as its founding base of the brand is a father’s love towards his special son that has brought luck to him during establishment of canning company that comes with tears . The founder, Dato Seri Tan Boon Pin established TC Boy brand in memory of his son so that his love towards his son can be passed down through the brand .


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