Taiping , Perak

Finally Those day has come , 3 day 2 night Taiping well planned Eat and play Trip , Covered most of the Foods and place in Taiping and Kuala Sepetang that planned itinerary , get to know the powerful history of Taiping .

I Made an Itinerary For the gang to enjoy

Fook Seng Restaurant , Slim River

We Move from Petaling jaya at 11 p.m and reach Slim River At 12Pm for our lunch THAT FAMOUS with Tapah Steam Fish , After that we stop at Ipoh town for an hour for  The best Tau Fu Fa in ipoh town that cannot be miss out , went to Nam Heong To take away the best Egg tart and take away one whole chicken at Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken before get back to North - South highway heading to taiping .

Taiping Homestay                 

Reach Changkat Jering Tol at 2.30pm But still need to drive further more in for 30 minute to reach Taiping town , we went some wrong road that waste us about 10 minute by blaming the waze apps that won't show me an emotion , LOL . We reached and checked in the Homestay almost at 3.30pm , Luckily the person incharge Didn't get mad at us when passing the key to us instead treat us very friendly and shows us how everything works in the house . when we entered the house , i was like "WOW!!" The house is F**k**g awesome and went around the whole house to check out how cool it was , The homestay price is Weekday RM300 and RM350 on Weekend and Public Holiday for Maximum 7 Person , really worth it for the price .

Perak Museum

We didn't hang long in the house , after everyone done with the bath and ready to go on our next visit stop at Perak Museum , The first muzeum in malaysia that contain alot of malaysia histories and stories behind 1800's .

Taiping railway station

Next Stop , Taiping railway station is third build and started the First railway in malaysia is Port Weld that located at Kuala Sepetang , Intresting stories behind about the railway station , read more on my Blog Article too Know More .

The Taiping Heritage Trail or Jejak Warisan Taiping was launched on April 10th 2015 . The Taiping Heritage Trail is to recognize the historical heritage of the town of Taiping through Taiping’s 33 First .

Yee Seng Seafood Restaurant

Day going dawn and it's time for dinner , Yee Seng Seafood Restaurant is most high rating in Matang for their seafoods , their only serve seafoods , vegetables and no porks , chicken stricly only seafoods . Imagine we ordered six dishes portion for seven and the damage is RM148 only . Cheap and delicious deal .

Night Safari & Zoo Taiping

Tummy feeded , next is night activity gonna be Night safari , All the way from Yee Seng Seafood  to Zoo taiping took us 20 minute ride back to town , since we are in taiping we won't void any activity that waiting for us , Experiencing the animal that active on night time . honestly , for the first time visit is worth but not really worth if went for second time , I mean if you never visit before then you can give a try but just forget for the second time .

Day 2

Parking ticket Needed when park around taiping town , so we get a stack of one day parking ticket RM4 for whole day but i think it is necessary to get whole day , as advise get few hours ticket is good to go , Today we will be at Kuala Sepetang for the whole day .

Lian Thong Restaurant

Our First Breakfast In Taipig , The most well-known In Taiping By locals favourite and a must try breath taking breakfast for outsider like us that serve traditional Hainanese style toast and nice coffee .

Taiping Lake Gardens

After we had our breakfast , we go for a short walk at Taiping Lake Gardens located just few road accross from taiping town , It was a huge lake and imposible we gonna walk around , we just drove around and stop by for some photo taking .

Matang Mangrove

30 minute drive from Taiping Lake Gardens , Our First stop is the Kuala Sepetang Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve  That cost us RM5 per person . we walked far inside the forest and experience alot thing but we walk to far , in the end we took some times to walk back to our car .

Port Weld , Kuala Sepetang

Lunch Break at the famous curry mee in The Kuala Sepetang village but feel really sad that they Haven't open for the curry mee on that day we are there . they opens from 3p.m to about 10 p.m and closes on Mon and Tues . So we choose other foods to eat then . The Port Weld railway station was located at the centre of town. The whole railway line from here to Taiping, which was the first railway line in the Peninsular, is now dismantled, and now only the ticketing booth and the Port Weld railway signboard remain .

Kuala Sepetang River Cruise

1A.M , we took River cruise that offered by locals for RM20 per person to watch Eagle feeding , Fish farm and mangrove but without the pink dolphin look out , the cruise took more than an haour .

Charcoal Factory

Next Stop , The charcoal factory in Matang (Kuala Sepetang) , Free admission for everyone just walk in and explore around , the place that let me how charcoal been made .

Kuala Sepetang fishing village

There was a long and tall bridge that connected from mainland to the fishing village . I was standing middle of the bridge to get this wonderfull unforgetable photo shot .

Kang Kao Seafood Restaurant

Clock shows sharp 7PM and time for dinner , Kang Kao Seafood Restaurant is famous in Kuala Sepetang on their Fresh Seafoods and the homemade Curry Prawn bread .

Fireflies@Kg Dew

8.30PM , We went for fireflies discover at KG.Dew Along the riverbanks of Sungai Sepetang , We booked the boat with the same uncle ealier this afternon for RM20 per person , It took about half hour to reach the fireflies spot and it was superb awesome , all the fireflies stick on the mangrove tree like a christmas tree keep on bling bling .

We still have few place that haven't visit but we need back to town after our breakfast tomorrow . after the Fireflies cruise , we straight away back to our Homestay to get a bath and sit down have a chit chat , laugh and gambling till everyone feels tired .

Day 3

Larut Matang Food Court , Taiping

Last day in taiping , everyone was wake on time to check out , we really like and will miss this awesome staycation and reasonable price homestay forever . We drove to Larut Matang Food Court to have our Breakfast before leaving taiping , The famous Food court that located in the town wet market of taiping . Here comes to end of the Trip and article that that I can provide , Hope This article can helps you have a great memory In taiping .



  1. i have been to Kuala Sepetang and tasted the Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken in Ipoh! Both places is really worth to travel!

    between, next time you may try this famous restaurant in Ipoh:) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Restaurant-Tuck-Kee/104071083006912?fref=ts

  2. Nice! Very eventful 3days. The kangaroos are so adorable!

  3. There are kangaroos in Taiping Zoo??? I'm so gonna bring my kids to Taiping soon to visit their grandmother's hometown. :) Great post! You made me miss my mom.

  4. Damn... I have not gone to Taiping for ages.. used to celebrate CNY there and I miss the Chee Cheong Fun there

  5. What a great trip you had! It's been awhile I didn't visit Taiping.

  6. You really had a great time in Taiping. I've been there numerous times already and find that it is way more serene than Ipoh, where I live.

  7. Been for few times but don't mind for revisit again because there're alot of hidden gems in the small town of Taiping!

  8. I haven't really gone over to Taiping in a while but I certainly do miss it. The pictures are great and you look like you had a great trip there - will certainly need to make a visit there soon.

  9. I have not explore Taiping yet . Let's plan a trip to Taiping and you are our tour guide.. haha

  10. nice photo and nice food!!!!Jealous you la~~~

  11. seems like a good trip over in Taiping! used to frequent that place when i was little, but not anymore now. perhaps should plan a revisit soon.

  12. I went to Taiping last year and only managed to see Kuala Sepetang by foot. I didnt know there are so many other things to do there!
    Looks like I need to visit again!
    much love,

  13. Seafood price is really affordable at Taiping! We are planning Taiping trip end of year, not sure gonna make it or not! hehe

  14. Fun place and nice food. I think you all must have enjoyed a lot.

  15. Miss Taiping, i've also took photos at that same park lol

  16. Great suggestion for my coming short trip, thanks for sharing :)

  17. ala eddy, nak join jugak. haha tiba-tiba :p

  18. a nice holiday you had there, i do remember going to the Taiping Zoo but super many years ago, and seriously don't remember seeing them kangaroos.

  19. Looks like you had a great time in taiping. Haha seronok je tgk gmbr

  20. Really need to learn from you for travelling itinerary as the only place I go when I was at Taiping is just the Zoo.. xD


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