Sor - Bet by Bespoke Sorbet

The home grown company offering bespoke frozen treats , They specialise in creating hand crafted sorbets that will tantalise your taste buds while remaining healthy indulgences at the same time . After all, not only are sorbets great alternatives to ice creams lower fat and calorie content , they are also dairy free which is wonderful news for the lactose intolerant .

Based in the food capital of Malaysia , They draw inspiration from local delights . There has never been a more exciting time than NOW to be in the gastronomy business in Penang . Old hawker businesses are rebranding, and new cafes are popping up around every street corner. They are eager to be a part of the food scene here and look forward to creating a lasting dessert legacy with you! 

Handcrafted with the freshest fruits and ingredients. Preservative free, low fat, and low calorie, Quench is the perfect frozen treat for the whole family.

Yellow Submarine(Lemon)
Made with freshly squeezed lemons, Yellow Submarine is full of citrusy freshness and makes for a perfect after meal palate cleanser. The intense flavours are sure to wake you up and leave you wanting more!

Golden Orchard(Mango)
The golden hues of the mango is given centre stage and accentuates the richness of the Golden Orchard. Sweet, creamy and fragrant. What more could you ask for in a sorbet?

The Red Water Boy(Watermelon)
Watermelon juice is wonderfully refreshing and the Red Water Boy kicks this up a couple of notches. Just like a real water boy, the Red Water Boy will be sure to quench your thirst at a moment's notice.

Princess Porcupine(Soursop)
Dainty with just a touch of quirky, Princess Porcupine highlights the distinctive taste of the prickly soursop. Packed with vitamins, it is full of yummy goodness for the whole family.

Asian Lemonade(Barley + Lime)
Asian Lemonade brings a local twist to the classic lemonade. The combination of fresh juicy limes, barley and pandan infusion makes this a definite crowd pleaser.

Emperor Li's Concubine(Lychee)
One of our seasonal offerings, Emperor Li's Concubine is only available from May to June. The richness and fragrance of the lychee creates a smooth, delicate finish - leaving behind images of spring blossoms.

Sunny Side Up(Orange)
Bursts of sunshine in your mouth - that's what Sunny Side Up is about! The tangy sweetness of the orange is balanced out by a faint bitter edge from the zest. Definitely a great party treat

Handcrafted with alcohol and the freshest ingredients.  Preservative free, low fat, and low calorie, Indulge is the perfect grown up frozen treat.

Moonlighting in Copenhagen(Pear cider)
Carefree and whimsical, Moonlighting in Copenhagen is an excellent choice for light refreshments. A hint of tartness from the pear cider makes it wonderfully light and refreshing.

Flirty Bangkok(Mojito)
Made with rum, fresh lime, and infused with home grown spearmint, Flirty Bangkok turns the classic cocktail into a delightful dessert that is all grown up and playful. Something special for that special dinner date!

Capetown-Intoxicated(Lemon + Whisky)
The pairing of lemon and whisky balances citrus flavours with a smoky finish from the whisky. An intense and flavourful punch that will leave you intoxicated and coming back for more.

Mellow St. Andrews(Honey + Whisky)
Smooth and relaxing, Mellow St. Andrews is great to have after a long and tiring day. Kick your feet up and unwind with a few scoops of the exquisite fusion of honey and silky smooth scotch whisky.

Bora Bora Dream(Coconut + Vodka)
This concoction will leave you dreaming of lazy waves on warm sandy beaches. Bora Bora Dream is made from an aromatic blend of coconuts and vodka, creating an ice cold dessert with a smooth, full texture.

A Kingston Affair(Sugarcane + Rum)
A Kingston Affair is romantic and sweetly seductive. The infusion of dark rum enhances the natural sweetness of the sugarcane and leaves a lingering taste that is sure to last.


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