Milkissimo , Da Men Shopping Mall

Milkissimo Hokkaido Gelato , Known well in Penang when the first branch open in November 2015 , now everyone no need drive to Penang and can have it here in Kuala lumpur located in DA MEN 大門 USJ 1 that started their Business on 30th January 2016 .

The Diferrent for The Quality Milk
'Issimo' is the finest italian milk that been use in 'Milkissimo' for consumer try out the best finest milk taste like . Since Hakodate and Italy run on the same latitude of 41 degree , so they name it ' HAKODATE GELATO DA 41º ' has been arranged under the logo . The milk Gelato series is made from High Quality milk from Hakodate , Hokaido . Fresh Milk that without pasteurization that produce the most natural taste and nuttrients .

Raw Materials are fruit and vegetable from Hokkaido , to enjoy the differences in taste and they have huge variety of delicious Gelato that over 70% of the raw fruit inggredients .

A great Gelato machine comes from an Italian and A quality Gelato Maker will make…well…quality Gelato . more dense and flavorful. A Gelato machine will create the right consistency and texture for your Gelato .

About 27 flavours are available on a rotational basis.

Milkissimo , Da Men Shopping Mall
GF-31 , Persiaran Subang
47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor
3.056775, 101.594149


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