The Great Deal From Shopback For Groupon Item Purchase

Shop Online and get Cash Back , Normally what we heard about cash back was played by credit card that giving Get up to 8% cashback everyday on your petrol and groceries with the latest cash rebate programme . But today I found out a Website named Shopping site for cashback and online promotions  . Online shopping is getting more common in this global market and myself often will buy something through online . I always enjoyed the discounts and the most important is "free delivery" from online shopping . I can admit that I'm seldom went to shopping mall since the power of online shopping landed to the world , as everyone hate about is the parking that hardly to find and the traffic jam that cause of moody . The website that I Normally love to visit is Groupon ,  Zalora and Lazada  .

When I scroll down in Shopback , I saw my favourite Online Shopping website " Groupon" , I was excited to try out how Shopback works on the cash back thing and get  "Get daily Groupon deals and promo codes" .

1st Step , Click on the Groupon Panel Merchant , Here comes the Few Thing To note . just read it or just ignore ...haha , Press On "Shop Now >>" .

Loading.....loading...... It gonna be Fun . Owh ya , Don't forget to turn Off your ADblock Plus for continue loading...ADblock Plus will effect the webpage from loading to the next chapter .

Myself as Lifestyle Blogger , Everyone knows that Eddy Rush Fatboy love to eat , How can I miss out this kind of deal when it's appear in front of my eye . Buy Now and Proceed the payment and check out for Get the best deals on Malaysian food .

Almost there , Go back to Shopback and the Cashback works within 48 hours

Cash out from Shopback to your bank account at the end of every month once you've reached redeemable Cashback minimum of RM 10.00 . I'm Not gonna wait 48 hours to see my cashback been credit , Let It Roll!!

Since I free , Let's have a look on others deal going on , OMG!! , they have too , the website that I booked all my traveling hotels .... I'm gonna save alot on my trip in the future . They have more thousands merchants and 95% of all this merchants is well known online purchase Products . Crazy !!!

Still Confuse what I'm talking about , you can watch this video to understand more about how ShopBack works and Chinese new year just around the corner . happy shopping everyone get your cashback as soon as possible .

Owh yea ,  after 24 hours I get back my cashback , Rm 149 - 6% = Rm 9 .

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