Wesley's Wild Honey , Damansara Uptown

WESLEY'S WILD HONEY Produce Premium Tualang is 100% raw , natural and unprocessed honey . It’s harvested by Giant Rock Bees , the world biggest bee species from the tropical rain forest in Peninsular Malaysia .

They collected from the combs of Giant Rock Bees which build their hives high up in the Tualang tree . Tualang tree is the Malaysia’s tallest tree which grows to more than 250 metres . the harvesting Tualang honey is a highly dangerous task . It’s also one of the rarest honey in the world . Many researches and studies been done on Tualang honey and it is proven as the purest honey and it has various benefits to human body .

The 4 main components of Premium Tualang
1. Anti-oxidant
2. Anti-inflammatory
3. Anti-bacterial
4. Anti-viral

Benefits of Premium Tualang:
– Enhance immune system, to reduce the chances of affected by viral
– Energy booster, preventing fatigue and provide strength to the body
– Relieve for inflammatory, such as sore throat, rhinitis, and stomatitis
– Suppressing and relieving cough and flu due to cold
– Anti-oxidant, to beautify the skin and enhance anti-aging effect

– Studies and researches proven that it has ability to reduced the risks of cancer

At WESLEY'S WILD HONEY , They invented Honey with five different Chinese herbs for some purpose  Supplementation for health .

Me myself has been the witness on the day when the manager do a few experiment how to find out a unprocessed pure honey and sugar added process honey .

French Toast with butter and Wesley's Wild Honey .
Wesley's signature Waffle With  Wesley's Wild Honey .
Orange (with Wesley's Wild Honey)
Starfruit (with Wesley's Wild Honey)
Papaya (with Wesley's Wild Honey)
Celery (with Wesley's Wild Honey)
"Wesley's Wild Honey" was founded since year 2012 , they are one of the few brands that insist on 100% natural and unprocessed wild Tualang honey , Wesley's Wild Honey gallery officially opened 28th August 2015 at damansara uptown . Their gallery is specialize in serving various healty beverages and desserts paired with premium Tualng Honey . The gallery functions as a showcase for our unique product like Premium Tualng Honey , herbs infused Tualng Honey and rare tropical forest treasure such as tongkat ali and tiger's milk mushroom .
Wesley's Wild Honey
19, Jalan SS 21/56b, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact : +60 16-220 2535


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