Icescape Ice Rink , IOI City Mall

Thanks to Icescape Ice Rink@IOI City Mall For the invitation To have A great experience of Ice Skating .

At first I scared of Ice skating due afraid get my Butt hit the floor and it gonna be hurt but I thought for a second and said Why not . I never even tried skating before but I thought how difficult that can be .

Registering at the entrance of Icescape Ice Rink
Warmest welcome by Sheena Wong , The IOI City Mall Public Relations Executive .

Meeting and greeting with other bloggers in the specific area that been reserve for us .

This is Mr. Phua Hong Yee the Ice Rink Manager , He a great background of the first and only malaysian who have performed at the world's largest ice show ,'Disney On Ice" . with more than 16 years of skating experience , Trained by Olympic coach , Matthew Smith in Los Angeles , USA . Have performed in more than 40 Cities Including the USA , Canada , Japan , Puerto Rico , Venezuela .

Getting myself ready with curious " Gan jiong" and Head coach who were a lot experienced in the sport told me that it’s not that difficult but just lose your fear of falling down . I Feel myself gonna be the clown of the day if I falling on my face . We all geared up with those skating shoes and it was looking awesome .

Let's do some warm up and a short simple pratice of getting up urself from the ice floor if fall down by the experts .

Here I go , Step by step like a baby penguin that afraid been falling down and guide by coach . There were so many kids doing it so flawlessly , I put my first step on that chilled ice floor and realized how wrong I am . The floor was hell lot sleeper than I had imagined . The fun begins , I was holding on to the fencing and trying to stand upright . This how the coach sounds like : “Keep your legs close together… Bend your knees a bit… Balance your shoulders with your feet movement… Yes, like that… Now move forward…… Move forward… Just move forward... Don’t be afraid to fall… Nobody is going to laugh if you fall… Everybody falls..Doing good "

Everyone getting to learn so fast and I'm still holding on to the fencing to balancing the steps .
After Half hour of coaching , I still need assist by coach to the middle of the rinks . The skating shoes hurt my feet a lot and I had two time rest on the bench and went out to skate again . NO GIVE UP!!

The family Group photo with the bloggers , coaches and the organizers at the middle of the rinks .

However, I was making more attempts at moving than actual moving and move slowly along the ice rink fencing . Slowly is the keyword here , dozens of other beginners passed me by as some of them walked and some skated slowly . I told myself that I must at least learn the basic of it . “Keep my legs close , Now march Move my right leg then Move left leg then Right , Left - Right , Left - Right , Left . Keep moving ...  Ice skating is one area I need to improve on . I definitely will learn harder on my next visit . I may not want to be a Pro skater but I’ll keep on learning until I’m able to fulfil a dream of feeling liberated as I glide alongside the rest , somewhat steadily if not gracefully, across the ice rink .

Really appreciate Ivy "jio" bring me along to experience Ice skating that I haven't done before in my life and I have done it now .


IOI City Mall has one called Icescape Ice Rink which is said to be the largest ice surface in Malaysia . Located at the first floor of the mall, the rink spans 30m x 60m of ice surface with a breath-taking glass view .

Don’t know how to skate? Don’t worry! Penguin skate is available at RM30 per hour for the very beginner to professional standards. One to one basis . Own gloves and socks are allowed and it’s a MUST to wear in Icescape Ice Rink .

Tino’s Piza Café

A great lunch treat by Tino’s Piza Café after our tiring ice skating lesson . warm welcome by the Tino’s Piza Café manager while serve us great food of the day .

dal.komm COFFEE | iOi City Mall didn't left us behind by treat us a cup of awesome Grapefruit to others and my Honey Coffee Cube .

Eggette Lab Leave us some snack too , Crispy soft snack to have on the go while shopping .

How i Made Christmas

This Christmas, everyone else is special. IOI City Mall wants you to make your very own and special memories of Christmas, hence the theme “How I Made Christmas” .

This Christmas, They have new friends roaming freely and merrily around IOI City Mall! Your challenge is to spot and snap pictures with the Character of the Week! (Hint: Follow our Instagram account @ioicitymallmy and stay tuned to the weekly clue for the Character of Week). Each week, top 10 winners will win RM100 Harvey Norman cash vouchers. At the end of the contest, the best photo among all will win a iPhone 6S and Submit your entry now! T&Cs apply:

Decorated the mall with Christmas characters in 2D and 3D, featuring characters such as Parson the snowman, Robbie the 8m-tall robot, Paddleton the cycling bear, Dexter the jester and Betty the Owl . The story behind these characters begins with a boy named Charlie, who, together with his character friends joined hands to throw a Christmas celebration at IOI City Mall . It is further illustrated in a Christmas story booklet for children, created specially for the holiday season . Available through the mall, the booklet is packed with activity pages for children, as well as information on activities and promotions happening throughout the festive month . Children who have completed the colouring pages in the booklet can redeem a mystery gift from the redemption counter .


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