Bloggers Gift Exchange Christmas Celebration

Oh, jingle bells , jingle bells , Jingle all the way , Oh, What fun it is to ride In a one horse open sleigh . christmas just around the corner .

Last night , December 19th was the Gift Exchange among bloggers and It was so much fun to celebrate it with other bloggers at Garage 51 . Since each person is only buying for one for the holiday gift exchange and make sure that each person will go home without empty hand , Plus it’s the perfect excuse to gather everyone together . My favorite part of the gift exchange was giving the gift like the Secret Santas that made sure to give their blogger mate some love . It was fun to see all the gifts bloggers gave to other bloggers . A traditional exchange is great that make sure each participant gets a personalized present . we Write the numbers down on a piece of paper and dump them all on the table , then have everyone pull out one number to be their Secret Santa .

Along With the food :

The Messed Up Family
The Santa
The Father
The Son
The cousin

We have Great Gift exchange Night with laughter and great foods . I want to wish everyone all the happiness and joy of Christmas . I hope we can get together again and spend quality time together .

I wish you a Merry Christmas ,
I wish you a Merry Christmas ,
I wish you a Merry Christmas ,
And a Happy New Year .


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