Einstein Cafe , China Town

The famous and well known Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur that located this first-floor café , the red windowed door next to Sinn Optical can be easily overlooked . There is no other signage and hard to find signboard , aside from the menu stuck on the wall to the entrance . It was same row with Coffee Amo .

Once you saw the name ‘Café Einstein’ that shown on the glass , head up the checkered stairway upon a rustic space decorated in early 20th century German inspired interior . It's an artful blend of bright colours and monochromatic designs , one wall even features crudely torn up pieces of German newspaper clippings . with the wooden tables that handcrafted complete the prewar vibe the café seems to be going for .

The reasons for the cafe's name are a pleasure to discover . Einstein was vegetarian toward the end of his life and this cafe's owner is vegetarian himself , serving strictly meat-free fare . them are pleased that many customers enjoy the food and Of course , the cafe-hoppers also love their Instagram-worthy space , taking many shots of the cafe and sharing it on social media . “It’ll be fancier desserts that will be tasty and pretty .

The menu also comes with the famous theory of relativity of E = MC², into a simpler and more delicious formula for “meal x cake x coffee.” You also get Western dishes like spaghetti, burger and fries . Einstein Cafe's food is prepared with a lot of heart , it's surprisingly delicious . Don't skip the "Four Seasons Pizza with a wonderfully crispy-fluffy crust with mock meat .

Einstein Cafe
58, Jalan Sultan, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact : +60 12-363 6004
Mon - Sun 10.30 AM - 9.00 PM


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