Koon Kee , Petaling Street

The legendary wantan mee since 1942 and run by third generation now , one of the best wantan mee in Kuala Lumpur . I think they have franchise out there that I seen at damansara utama , I ate there few time since my working place is there .

I heard this wantan mee long time ago just don't have time to go down to have it , since the SCKLM 2015 was cancelled so we walk around In KL include Petaling street , we are purposely walk till here for the Lunch .

The shop atmosphere can Tells the generations stories and the recipes been make , the noodles were freshly handmade everyday . The noodles are thin and light with a springy texture . the perfect combination for wan tan mee .

The best Roasted BBQ pork(char siew) has it's own recipe on the meat and the fire level roasting the meat till so good .

Old school steel chair and table just simple looks even those tourist know about it . we shared table with a couple of Thailand tourist , I asked about The wanton mee and they said it was delicious .

Sad about the Green Chillies Pickle here , it just normal with others , Koon Kee at damansara Utama provide the best Green Chillies Pickle at the moment that comes with spicy .

can you see the roasted pork , the meat tender was soft and the fats melt in my mouth , delicious!!

The wantan of koon kee filled with mince pork and shrimp i think so , i forget about it but it taste like normal wanton out there .

Restoran Koon Kee lives up to its reputation and you’ll find a lot of different garnishings to go with your wan tan mee .

Koon Kee Wan Tan Mee
No 95, Jalan Hang Lekir, 
Kuala Lumpur, 50000, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-2078 6554


  1. The damansara shop is not a franchise. It is owned by one of the sons (2nd generation) of the founder of koon kei. I have not gone back to the damansara shop since that son died. If it exists today, it must be operated by his son (the 3rd generation) and his daughter-in-law.

    1. Thanks a lot for the Information, Koon kei in Damansara uptown still operating but don't really know which generation handling it. ANd i go there sometime.


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