BWB F.O.T , Sri Hartamas

BWB Flame On Table , Refreshing with totally new Name and addition with all new huge variety of menu . As known as the famous BWB Yakitori Bar change their name to BWB Flame On Table and with awesome Bear Logo .

The Reason Why they Change their name , They are serving something awesome in town called Flame on table .

So , you Wondering what is Flame On table right? flaming fire on table that cooks your meal ? Teriyaki pan frying your foods on your table?   ....  hAH HAH , Keep on reading to the bottom to find out ya ...

The restaurants are designed to appeal to everyone, regardless of age , background and ethnicity .” Operating on a unique business concept , The entire decoration just looks like chill out stop with the Dim light hanging around .

they also offers a venue for variety of events such as private functions , cooperate gathering , celebrations and other occasions . BWB’s wide range of choices ranging from wagyu, duck, chicken to pork is sure to entice fans of yakitori .

Threesome With Jellyfish , Wasabimint Squid , Sweet sauce claims .
Speacial Sweet & Sour sauce Squid drip .
Koebi Karaage
Dried Squid Snacks
Japanese Fried Chicken cheese top
Mini Juicy mix mushroom cheese Pizza
Baked Sour & spicy sauce mussel
Mushroom Soup Mince Bacon top.
Beancurd oyster
Enoki Beef Rolls with needle mushrooms
Pork Knuckle Man Tao bao
Mix Vegetable Grill.

Variety of Yakitori treat .
Chicken Teriyaki Sauce , Grill Duck Liver , BBQ Pork meatball , Chicken Liver , Beef and Foie Gras , Chicken Grill , Cheese Squid in the shell and Sanma Shioyaki-Pacific Saury .

Here comes the FLAME ON TABLE!!!

What so Special with the flame ??
The special of the imported food liquid that makes the flames , they don't use liquor or any other stuff to fire the flame . The liquid have few flavour like Black paper , herbs and others too . they light up infront of us and the fire will burns for 10 seconds or less . While burning the flavour will fall on the foods . Dont worry , it is safe to eat .

Wagyu Beef on flame

Big Shrimp on flame

Beef Meatball on flame

Beef Ribs on flame

Yakitori Variety

Salmon on flame

Flaming Irish Coffee

PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! This is a delicious blend for an after dinner coffee drink.

Perfecto breakfast combination
Pasta Cup
Truffle Bacon 
Coming Soon To You , All About SMOKED!!
BWB Flame On Table
8, Jalan 27/70A, 
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. 
Open daily, 12pm-12am


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