Are You Here(碟仙碟仙)

On Monday 5th OCT 2015 , Susan Shaw(邵音音),Nina Paw(鲍起静),Jacqueline Chong(庄思敏) and Sammy Sum(沈震轩)came to Malaysia for the press conference on upcoming new movie promotion on 8th OCT in Malaysia , It is a supernatural film " Are You Here(碟仙碟仙)" , Helena Law Lan(羅蘭) was not appeared at the press conference .

A Pleasure Invitation by Grabnocost sdn bhd and Seeties to this press conference that happens at Cineleisure Cathay @ eCurve on 5th OCT 2015 and had a chance to meet such a famous actor & actress from Hong Kong .

The Host of the day in Yellow questioning all the actors by how and what happens during making this film .

In the press conference , the actors been asked do they personally played Ouija Board and Jacqueline Chong said , she played before once when she is in school and played with her schollmate asking for which subject will come out on exam . Nina Paw also admitted she played Ouija Board before by asking what her future husband surname gonna be but her current husband now was not the surname Ouija Board point out , so she thought Ouija Board is not really efficacious to her and not believing ghost is exist in the world . Sammy Sum said , some mysteries happens , Alan Luk was vomiting five times and feels dizzy after the shooting , after that Alan look at Sammy and Jacqueline and feels that both of them was smiling weirdly against Alan and Alan thought it just a imagination while he feeling dizzy .

Questions pointed to Siu Yam-yam , She believe that ghost is exist in this world and ghost played in role as a ghost in this world , it just human keep disturbing them such play role in Ouija Board or in some spiritual events , she believe one day scientific will explain the effect of ghost sprits .

This movie gonna hit at the malaysia big screens tish 8th OCT , The movie will be release by MM2 entertainment , Produced by Patrick Kong and Directed by Jill Wong .

Cast by Law Lan , Susan Shaw ,Nina Paw , Jacqueline Chong , Sammy Sum , Jumbo And Alan Luk , It gonna be a great horror movie and will make all the audience sreamong in the cinema .

Mun(庄思敏) , Long (沈震轩), keong (陆骏光) and fen (曾淑雅) with the establishment of four online game design company has been a year, but since the business going bad that face closure crisis . One day, Mrs.wong (鲍起静) with the late son design apps that not completed calls "碟仙" online game , Mrs.wong meet them and hoping that they can complete her late son wish. Mrs.wong gave them a large sum makes them intrested to finishing the apps but everthing turns into bad luck and becomes a revenge....Catch it out on 8th Oct in all cinema in malaysia .

Tittle :  Are You Here<碟仙碟仙>
Release Date : 8th October 2015
Running Time : 90 minutes
Rating : 18SG
Genre : Horror
Language : Cantonese


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