The Transporter-Refueled - Movie Review -

From the producers of the Taken trilogy comes the next fast-paced action-packed installment of The Transporter. Game of Thrones star Ed Skrein takes over Jason Statham’s role as Frank Martin, the most highly skilled delivery guy cum mercenary that money can buy.

In The Transporter Refueled (formerly titled The Transporter Legacy) the technology is better and the stakes are greater, but the obsessively punctual Frank Martin still lives by the same three rules: never change the deal, no names and never open the package (apart from the fact that he breaks these rules all the time).

Then Frank meets Anna, a femme-fatale character and her three sidekicks who have kidnapped his father in order to force him to help them take down a brutal group of Russian human traffickers.

Expect lots of car chases, not a whole lot of great acting, and pure cheese like “As soon as you think they can’t come up with something, they come up with something else.”

Thanks to Grabnocost sdn bhd and Seeties invitation for the premier screening on 1st September 2015 .

Rating         : PG-13 (for sequences of violence and action, sexual material, some language, a drug reference and thematic elements)
Genre          : Action & Adventure
Directed By    : Camille Delamarre
Written By     : Bill Collage, Adam Cooper, Luc Besson
In Theaters    : Sep 3, 2015 Malaysia

Runtime        : 95 minute
Stars          : Ed Skrein, Loan Chabanol, Ray Stevenson

For a movie that clearly knows what it is, The Transporter Refueled looks like a moderate tour de force of chase scenes, fight scenes, more chase scenes, cool suits, douchily-dressed bad guys, and stylization out the ass. In short, it looks fun.


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