The Moon Villa & Cafe , Siem Reap

The Moon Villa & Cafe actually is a hotel and the corner was restaurant for walk in and stay in customer to enjoy their breakfast , Lunch and Dinner .

The interior was simple and nice , design as khmer style with wooden chair and table . sofa at the side on every corner that feel comfortable while dining .

The head in the middle is one of the pattern from the temple guard in siem reap . not much special on those spice and bean but the tea pot was the most special among all of these , it made by perfect food if not mistaken .

Here comes our drinks , own add on sugar level as much as you want . all the drinks give a punch of exact taste , No regret to hangout here , The Moon Villa & Cafe Gets good review and comment on their hotel , clean , friendly staff and just 3 minute walk to the most busiest nightlife the pub street .


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