Blue Wave Restaurant , Siem Reap

In South-East Asian cuisine , "mok" , "amok" or "ho mok" refers to the process of steam cooking a curry in banana leaves, or to the resulting dish. Thick coconut cream and galangal are classic ingredients , added to a wide range of possible kinds of leaves and staple ingredients. Amok is major national culinary tradition in Cambodia , and also popular in Laos and Thailand. The Thai version uses the same Thai curry paste as Red curry . Amok is thick soup cooked with fish, meat, vegetables,eggs and coconut milk . It is a common dish in the restaurant. There are many places that offer taste for foreign . When ordering for amok , choose some ingredient. The most famous things are amok fish, amok beef and amok chicken . Amok can also be eaten with rice .

Blue Wave Restaurant , Local and affordable bar/restaurant , serving tasty Khmer food and some international dishes on a covered terrace along a lively street . Located just 100m from a night Market and 200m from Pub Street and few next door from our hotel , nice place for a refreshing drink and game of pool after dinner .

Blue wave combines a restaurant with a night bar . In the early evening you can enjoy a tasty meal on the terrace while watching the bustling street life on Sivutha Boulevard . Later at night , you can have a refreshing beer or cocktail at the bar inside . 


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