Sailor's Rest , Janda Baik

Sailor's Rest is one of the resort in Janda Baik from Turning in to Genting Sempah from karak highway , Just right the border of Selangor and Pahang .  

Beside Sailor's Rest , there was alot alot of chalet , resorts , tent camping and bungalow that we saw along the Janda Baik .

Been organize and plan by a bunch of friend to this beauty of nature rain forest and waterfall Tent camping for two day one night .

The house is just next to the river and the boathouse was built in a manmade lake . The view is superb and the air is fresh . 

Oh Yea , When we reach Sailor's Rest 3pm , We were being greet by the owner of the resort MR.Hashim , We do tents arrange for all of us and MR.Hashim do a short briefing regarding about the tent .
" No smoking , eating and drink sweet tuff in the tent " because it could damage the tent .
" No smoking in the bathroom and take off ur shoe/scandal then wear on toilet slipper that provided .

Put down our bag in the tent that numbered and Having a look around the resort , In sailor's rest they have 15 unit big big small small tent around , after that everyone get change and ready to go for the 'mandi sungai' .

It's full of flowers and native plants in Sailor's rest that i haven't see before .

When i get my feet in the water and I said "OMG"!!... the water is so damm cold even thou it was evening with hot sun ... Almost an hour and a half we were in the water .

The place is always cool and fresh. It is set right in the middle of the tropical jungle. the place was rich of flora and fauna while enjoying the natural  sound  and the refreshing scent of the jungle in the beautiful landscape of the place .

This is where we take frequent refuge from the hustle and busiest of city life. It is indeed a place where one can live in  a virtual world created by nature of one's own imagination .

What they have here at Sailor's Rest is a three bedroom main house with a one-room annex, a houseboat , Kampung Style house(chalet) , Build up cement house and tents beside the waterfall river .

The Toilet sharing area , 10 bathroom to be share for the tent resident . it was five star design environment in there  . 
The red light above the door will light up that shows the sign of someone is using the bathroom , hi-tech betul...haha .

Janda Baik is a village in Colonial Malay reserve Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia. It is located on the mountain slopes of the Banjaran Titiwangsa , Tourists often come to Janda Baik for the air was cool and the atmosphere is always comfortable .

There are many streams flowing through the village, making it ideal for picnics and camping .

Fairus is one of the staff here , he is flaming up the charcoal to prepare our dinner and the menu is "ALL BBQ" , While he is preparing the food and we go for bath and get ready for dinner .

"On The table" - Potato salad , fried noodle , BBQ Tilapia in spice , BBQ beef and BBQ lamb , BBQ chicken Wing , Malay Fried Rice and a Bowl of salad . the food was delicious awesome .

Night paranoma - After the dinner , everyone sit around chit chat for nearly 2 hours and had a night tea time with some cookies before sleep . 


Wake at 7 am get our breakfast at the resort and getting ready for the hiking at 8pm .

Ulu Tampit Waterfall. Ulu Tampit waterfall is in Latto Charok. It is recommended to visit the waterfall if you are visiting Janda Baik. Many would find that Ulu Tampit waterfall is the most enjoyable one! There are seven floors of waterfall and 5th floor, are the most common floors people go to visit. It only takes about 45 minutes of light trekking and hiking through the jungle to get to the 5th floor .

During raining season it is not advisable to go there because first of all the water is not clear, secondly many ‘pacat’ or leeches and lastly you may fall down during the hiking because of slippery. At the 5th floor of the waterfall, the panoramic view is so beautiful while at 7th floor is the best to dip into the water! The water is so cold and so deep .

Ulu Tampit is a pretty multi-tiered waterfall hidden in the rainforest surroundings of Janda Baik. A popular spot for resorts to run their jungle trekking tours that cost RM30 per head and two hour lepak here .

It took around 40 minute to reach downward toward to the car park and then back to Sailor's rest to have bath and our last lunch before leaving this place .

The Group photo , really thanks to them that organize and nice to know some new friends . awesome and enjoyable


  1. How much the price for us to stay at sailors rest glamping tent?

    1. Rm 120 per pax per night include 1 dinner 1 breakfast ....

  2. Hey sorry asking, just now i called Mr Hashim (person incharged) : he quote me rm135. How to get rm120 ? Haha

    1. we went with a big group , more than 20 pax, how about you bargain with him and say your friend means me been charged rm120 on that visit...hahahaha

  3. Hi Eddy.. Im going there soon.. Just want to know for the BBQ is that all you have in the pictures? Or there are more actually? How is it taste like? For bfast & lunch mind sharing on what you had before?

    1. hello , about the BBQ , all I had was on the picture and It taste like normal BBQ out there . if not mistaken , they only provide dinner and breakfast on the next morning . we asked a lunch that will be charge before we leave .


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