To protect our earth, for today, and for a better tomorrow. This activity provides the opportunity for the participants to experience the effort of civil cleaners in helping to maintain the cleanliness of our city and know the importance of keeping our city clean. We encourage the participants to bring along their family members as it is a very good educational experience for them especially the younger ones.

Earth Warrior Mass Street Clean Up @ Pandamaran Klang activity is a public cleaning project organized by the committee members of Earth Warriors Project from Great Heart Charity Association, to improve the cleanliness of the surrounding area of Pandamaran’s 4th district. Our committee members are fully responsible for the entire project planning, whilst the City Council of Pandamaran would assist in providing most of the cleaning equipment as well as other resources. Volunteers are required to help out to clean up the streets selected for the activity.

Registration started from 6.30am til 7.30am and divided to 4 group red ,blue , green and orange .

The four cheerleader of the day performance middle of the ground , I would love to know the girl in red singlet and she makes me have a crush on her on the spot , sweet girl....hehe

Lai Lai Lai , Registration this way , Lai
Cleaning Equipment for the participant during for cleaning the street .
volunteers/participants looking past events that organize by Great Heart Charity Association . 

Warm Up started at 8am , the cheerleader and crew giving some basic warm up for the participant before the event started .

The event gonna start soon , follow the colour board depends on colour of the hand band that been provided .

participant crossing the road and the event is just started , there was Flooded by EARTH WARRIORS in the whole Pandamaran , Klang  

The parents was guiding their children what to do , this was a good learning to kids now day . 

Everyone here was hardworking even the kids , those kids feel excited with the activity , the hard work credit her a bottle of drinking water . 

The event hold for almost two hours and every participant back to the school to give back all the equipment where it belong . 

Lunch was provided and ready for all the participants , everyone having their lunch with smiles and laughter . the nasi lemak was awesome thou ...haha

I'm feel so happy to see their teamwork on all the participants and crews , they don't complain or saying their tired , they doing the volunteer with full of heart .... I can see that not everyone in the world is asking a price to do a thing ... it was priceless !!


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