Believe 5D Art Museum , Langkawi

A new and modern museum has been launched in Pulau Langkawi, with a new concept that is sure to provide a thrilling experience for all of its visitors .

5D ? 7D? wall picture frame design , when look from far it's look like a picture painting , move further close up it's was build up by few type of material pieces .

Believe Langkawi utilizes a 5D art concept, which is a the first such museum in Malaysia. It aims to trick and tease the five senses – Smell, Taste, Hearing, Sight and Touch .

The museum, located in Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall, houses a variety of artworks consisting of paintings,printed art, 3D crafts and sculptures of different themes .

Experience Langkawi from a new perspective with artworks and sensory experiences . Be a part of a wonderfully unique journey that goes beyond the ordinary !!


Lot No. FF 2 & FF 3, Phase 1,
Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall
Kuah, 07000 Langkawi
Kedah Darul Aman
+604 967 0707


  1. salam, berapakah harga tiket utk rombongan sekolah rendah? tq

    1. Sila call nombor ni ,+604 967 0707 ,terima kasih...

    2. Sila call nombor ni ,+604 967 0707 ,terima kasih...

  2. saya call nombor yang tertera, tetapi tiada dalam perkhidmatan...saya ingin mengadakan lawatan ke muzium 5D bln 10 ni...tolong bantu saya...terima kasih


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