Pantai Redang , Sekinchan

The windy beach is a great place to fly kite.  There are stalls selling kites at the beach.Pantai Redang (Redang Beach) is a hidden beach in Sekinchan, Redang beach is a hidden place that is worth a visit in Sekinchan, particularly if you are already tired of repeatedly shooting in paddy fields at Sekinchan. In fact, Redang Beach is very near the seafood restaurants area at Bagan, so you may go to Redang Beach after a nice seafood meal.      

There are a few tree houses along the beach built cleverly by the locals from reusable items such as fishing nets, fishing ropes and wood from old fishing boats.  Kids really get thrilled playing in the tree houses and swinging under the trees in self-made swings from old chairs and fishing ropes.

For those who want to avoid crowd, it is better to plan the day trip during weekday or non peak season.


The New Coca Cola container Cabin In Pantai Redang - Sells sekinchan souvenir and cold drinks . Updated on 09/12/2015 .

Pantai Redang 25, Jalan Jpt
45400 Sekinchan Selangor


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