Once Upon Time , A hangover from hell

A hangover from hell and some wicked self-loathing, we often utter the words, “I’m never drinking again” — only to find ourselves right at the toilet of the club shortly after.
The last time I said, “I’m never drinking again,” I meant it, and I actually followed through with it.
As I approach my seventh year of sobriety, I’ve come to realize that living the sober life is drastically different than the life I used to live as bender extraordinaire.
Settling into a life of sobriety requires a lot of discipline and willpower, but the rewards, in my opinion, far outweigh the sacrifices.
If I told you there was a way to have more money, better sex, more meaningful relationships, increased health, a free anti-aging serum and new ways of having fun, you would say, “sign me up,” right?
Being the ringleader of the party scene to the master of movies on the couch isn’t for everyone; however, some of us either desperately need to make the switch or finally decide that drinking and partying isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Sober life definitely has its perks, and to be honest being sober is actually pretty cool. Here’s what happens when your declaration to never drink again becomes a reality:

More Meaningful Relationships And Better Sex

One of the biggest changes happens in the dating scene. Grabbing drinks no longer drives our dating lives. Instead, we tackle dating on the candle night dinner .
It takes a lot of guts, courage and a strong sense of what you really want, but this helps in the pursuit of finding someone who is actually a true fit instead of someone to just pass the time with.
Gone are the days of alcohol-fueled causal sex, which lacks real connection. Sloppy sex is a thing of the past. And to be honest, it becomes nightmarish to sleep with someone who is hammered when you’re the sober person.
Sex becomes something we only enjoy if we are truly attracted the other person because anything less won’t actually tickle our fancy (if you know what I mean).
Our dating and sex lives become richer with intimate connection as drunken rendezvous begin to lose their mind.
Once sober people become comfortable in their bed and familiar with this territory, relationships and sex will take on a new level of pleasure across the board.

Increased Health And A Free Anti-Aging Serum

We rest better because we sleep without the toxins, bad decisions and restless nights of alcohol-infused slumber that used to weigh us down.
Sober people lose weight because we don’t consume those extra calories from throwing down drinks laced with sugar. Our waistlines shrink naturally when we stop feeding our love handles beer, wine and chocolate martinis.
We look younger and we feel younger. Our skin gets clearer. Our overall appearance, energy level and immune systems reap significant and positive change when we are free from all those toxins alcohol leaves behind.
Furthermore, it feels damn good to wake up each day with a clear conscience. A vibrant mind and body make for a lifestyle that is all-around healthier.
Clearer thinking allows us to make better decisions, follow our intuitions and live our lives on a whole different level.

More Money In The Bank

Say goodbye to mornings where receipts come out of all pockets and corners of our wallets.We don’t have to total up how much we spent the night before .
A sober person’s bank account has never looked better. We can actually save and get ahead because our paychecks no longer fund our blackout escapades. Instead, the money piles up and we are able to spend it on things like nice dinners or travel .
We begin to see how much we spent on all those nights that turned into mornings, and while they may have been priceless in memories we struggle to remember, the money we spent on all of them could feed a small family.
Our financial landscape becomes something we begin to watch more closely as we realize how much more we can actually enjoy life with the extra cash flow.
Not only that, but we become the cheap date for family, friends and loved ones. Running up a tab and popping bottles is nowhere on our accounts any longer.
Huge dividends in our financial situations begin to surface when take that leap into sobriety. Forget Wall Street, sobriety is one of the best financial advisors you’ll ever find.

New Ways Of me Having Fun

Sobriety frees up a lot of time to build new hobbies and experience life with new definitions of fun. Our ideas of relaxing or blowing off steam shift from bar hopping to hopping on a islang hopping to hopping or a holidays.
The drama that comes from drunken nights out becomes something we only hear about instead of participate in. Our conversations with friends and family are of substance, not based around substances.
Gone are the days of seeing random bruises, horrible pictures of our drunken faces or finding phone numbers with names in our phones with zero recollection of who they are or where we met. 
Fun is having people respect you for your commitment. You become the reliable friend with the good advice.
I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be known as the friend with her head on straight than the hot mess any day.
Just think about the possibilities of actually following through on that ever-famous line, “I’m never drinking again.” Sober people get to swap that out for, “I never have hangovers.” I mean, can we say it again? “I never have hangovers.” Try that on for size.
I used to think I was cool because I could drink anyone under the table. Now I feel like the coolest kid on the block because I don’t need alcohol to have fun.
Going against the grain instead of lighting a shot on fire is much more badass in my book.
When sobriety starts to soothe your soul in ways alcohol never could, you realize you’re on to something. There is that saying, “When you do things from your soul, people really dig that sh*t.”

While not everyone understands it, most people do really dig it when you say, “I don’t drink.” I’m often asked why I don’t drink. My answer is always because sober is the not cool at all, man.

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