17 reasons why you enjoy your single life in your 20s should

1. Be spontaneous!
probably the only time in your life where you alone decide what you want to do when, without having to listen to the wishes of others.

2. Travel!
Tourism is one of the best ways to find out who you really are. You will make friends for life and collect precious memories anywhere.

3. Spend as many good times 
as possible with your friends and family.Another person in your life at the same time often means that you have less time for friends and family. So take care of your loved ones NOW, as well and as much as you can!

4. Work hard, play harder! 
And take in between time to reflect on what has happened.
You need me simply only care about yourself. So enjoy yourself to focus on what YOU want alone.

5. Learn that it's okay to be alone.
You will better meet you and the positive findings you collect, will accompany you through your entire life.

6. Have as many dates as you like.
The more the better! Why? The more people you're dating and get to know, the easier it will be for you to recognize when you are the person you found your life.

7. Have we mentioned to go? 

8. Read hundreds of good novels and blogs.
You will expand your knowledge and teach you life lessons that will accompany you on your entire way.

9. Find out what values ​​are important to you in life.
Because maybe it's just as important to you that your / e Partner / in exactly these values ​​also shares your !?

10. Learn what life has to offer - go and find out!
Learn to appreciate that you are young and free. When you first settle yourself somewhere, sometime, maybe you're feeling too well and have less desire to look back and make a difference. For the next step, you'll be ready when you make the most of your youth.

11. When you go to bed, lie down in good old starfish-mania in the middle.
Because one day you will have ONE side only.

12. Enjoy the freedom to make decisions based solely and exclusively on what YOU want.
This law had once your parents and soon you'll have to make decisions together with your partner. But exactly NOW meet DU decisions.

13. Buy yourself you'll find high-priced pocket or totally overpriced sneakers totally cool.
Later, your hard-earned money will often be faster way for other, more important things than you can watch. But that NOW you the money for you and your living expenses spend what you choose you in the student job or summer job 've worked hard. Do not begrudge you!

14. Draw in a new city.
If nothing and no one forces you to stay in the place where you live now, do not miss the chance to discover a new place to meet new people and new challenges. The "home" will be there for you always there when you need it.

15. Find out what you enjoy most in life and use every spare minute to concentrate on it.
Learn to dive, sports, writing a blog, and you procure benefits from the time you have. It belongs to you and no other.

16. It crush also, is not looking for love.
It keeps you from just from what you here and now could enjoy. Just let it come to you and pass.

17. Live all these issues and more!
One day, when you tell your children in your 20s-time, can you tell how much you enjoyed your life and how happy and arrived you felt when they were born to them.


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