Ti Braz and Damiana's Filipino Restaurant , Boracay

Ti Braz, Boracay's famous creperie and French bistro and is one of the first and oldest restaurants in the island . a twist to the familiar and traditional Filipino food. 

Once we seat down , we can see through the two menus, cross order, and mix and match two cuisines under one meal. There are also delicious juices and smoothies here, and a whole wall full of fresh, yummy options for the homemade crepes made right in front of you.

Fuel (short for Fruits Used to Energize Life) Juice Smoothies

Pancit Miki Mihon

I was really impressed by the variety of food that you can order in this place. It is not like other restaurants in Boracay where you are limited to just a few choices. I will certainly come back here the next time I decide to have vacation in the island.


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