Sea Breeze, Regency Boracay

We were craving to try this certain buffet during our first day in Boracay , Sea Breeze Cafe is located in Station 2 as a forefront buffet restaurant of Boracay Regency. Actually, people don't realize that it's "Sea Breeze Cafe"; most just know it as the "buffet in Boracay Regency".

At 740 Peso (RM60) per head, Sea Breeze claims to be Boracay's biggest and most extensive buffet. The food has international theme which is mostly of Western influence.

The Sea Breeze is a comfortable open air cafe by the beach front , They stuck to the tropical decors, but added a notably modern feel to it.

Dinner buffet at Sea Breeze Cafe continues to make waves with its sumptuous gastronomy and show-stopping performances by live band and dancing cooks.  The buffet exhibits a profusion of food that adults and children will enjoy , and a deliciously long meal on this side of the white beach. 

Definitely, Sea Breeze Cafe offers beyond the usual buffets you can find by the beach. The ambiance is cozy and the setup is attractive and appetizing.
Well, the food are mostly international and maybe they are just really supposed to taste like that. Nevertheless, there is no regret. This is still nice to try if food trip is your thing and you have some extra money in your pockets.


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