Ricoh Theta 360 degree panorama digital camera

Review : Ricoh theta 360 degree panorama camera

Ricoh theta 360 degree panorama camera on hand , It was a pleasure that RICOH & PENTAX made up an event and let us explore the all new Ricoh theta 360 degree panorama camera that not launching and selling yet in malaysia . guessing price that selling in malaysia could be RM1299 .

We are allowed to touch at it , hold on it and even take photo with it , snap trigger from smartphone apps just one click or one click trigger at theta body . allows users to develop their own APPs and developing apps for RICOH THETA on iOS and Android platforms .

This camera is something totally new : it makes completely takes photos via two back-to-back fisheye lenses which are separated . There are no errors in the image .

I am extremely impressed and sometimes shocked with how well this camera creates 360 photos . You can literally capture a whole place, everything around you, at one instant. This allows photographers to easily take photos that have never been possible before. Until now, to make a fully spherical image, it has been necessary to combine multiple shots and then join them together afterwards . The device just seemed impossibly small and thin . The folks at Ricoh have done some amazing tricks to pack these two lenses so close to each other . there has never been a camera like this before . this camera can produce 360° photos that don’t have any “stitching errors” .

Additionally, it is important to find some kind of lightweight monopod . It works perfectly, although the base of the monopod that attaches to the camera is a little bit too big , Once you have paired you Phone with the Theta , after that can put the Theta somewhere else and use your phone to take the picture. After you take the picture, the Theta sends the 360 panorama to your phone and can see it on the spot! This is really quite magical.

This is not just an ordinary camera. It is a magic camera that captures the space around you . with just one touch , Create a sense of presence Look around the photos in any direction on the web or on a smartphone. Things that you didn't notice at that moment are waiting for you to find them. 

The RICOH THETA is designed for portability with a small, lightweight body that weighs a mere 95g (3.3 ounces).
You can now shoot 360° videos (with sound) up to 3 minutes long.

Object distance                         Approx. 10cm - ∞ (from front of lens)
Shooting mode                           Still image: Auto, shutter priority, ISO priority *5, 
Video                                   Auto
Exposure control modeAuto
Exposure compensation                   Still image: Manual compensation (-2.0 - +2.0EV, 1/3EV step) *5
ISO sensitivity                         Still image: ISO 100 to 1600, 
                                        Video: ISO 100 to 400
White balance mode                      Still image Auto, outdoors, shade, cloudy, incandescent lamp 1, incandescent lamp 2, daylight color fluorescent lamp, natural white fluorescent lamp, white fluorescent lamp, light bulb color fluorescent lamp*5, 
Shutter speed                           Still image: 1/8000 sec. to 1/7.5 sec.
                                        Video: 1/8000 sec. to 1/15 sec.
Recording medium                        Internal, approximately 4GB
Number of photos that can be recorded   Still image: Approx. 1200, Video (time per recording): Max. 3 minutes, 
                                        Video (total recording time): Approx. 40 minutes. *6
Power source                            Lithium ion battery (built in) *2
Battery life                            Approx. 200 photos *3
Image file format                       Still image: JPEG (Exif Ver. 2.3), DCF2.0 compliant, 
                                        MOV (Video: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, Audio: LinearPCM)
External interface                      microUSB: USB2.0
Exterior/external dimensions            42mm (W) x 129mm (H) x 22.8mm (17.4 mm *4) (D)
Weight                                  Approx. 95g
Usage temperature range                 0°C - 40°C
Usage humidity range                    90% or less
Storage temperature range               -20°C - 60°C


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