Pat Kin Pat Sun Cafe (不见不散茶餐厅) , IOI City Mall

Lunch - Lunch - Lunch , Oh Yeah Lunch Time

Since we at Putrajaya this morning for 7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta , We have visit the nearest and big mall at putrajaya for lunch and movie , walking around up and down for decision what to eat and some of the F&B still haven't started to do business when the clock pointed to 11a.m .
Normally every mall in PJ will start their business before 10.30a.m , the food that we wanted eat mostly haven't open and can see the stuff just started cleaning the tables and set things up .

When we turn back the way that we where come from , we saw a huge crowd some are que-ing and inside this shop was pack that make us step forward to this shop and see what so special about . Only one shop that pack or maybe they open sharp at 10a.m , as a consumer like us , if we went to a mall this early that means we wanna get breakfast or brunch to eat . hope that the management can do something on this issue .

I look up at the signboard and said " Oh ya , The famous hong stlye cafe 不见不散茶餐厅 and definitely gonna try out the HK Milk Tea "

fresh prawn in dim sum , can feel the freshness of the prawn when chewing ...
Prawn Chee Cheong Fun 
HK mILK tEA (港式奶茶)
HK Milk coffee and tea (港式营养奶茶)

This two of tea belong to me , i'm not getting both for purpose of thirsty , the reason why i get two cup of tea because of every Hong Kong cafe I went , surely I will order HK mILK tEA (港式奶茶) Because I Love the soft tea that flow from tongue to the throat .


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