Pangkor Village , Taman Megah

Chinese New Year(Goat Year)2015 is here and I Just have some times to post after Chinese New Year . Lou sang is a must during Chinese New Year celebration. It also commonly known as"yee sang","yuu shang' or 'yu sheng",

We went for a lou sang and dinner before CNY 年初二十七 , before everyone goes back to hometown, we went to the nearest Restaurant which located at Taman Megah. this was our third year that we "lou sang" together in this gang . missing some members this year comparing last years.

Curry Fish Head
Butter Crab
Recommended bean curd
Salted Egg Prawn
Deep Fried Butter SQuid 
After Our meal , We sat down talk and make some laughter,we talk about individually holiday plans....means like me,i'm going back to my hometown During CNY... some are going back to hometown and some are staying back in their have own Holiday plan and i have mine...hehe

Happy Chinese New Year To All Blog Readers!!!
ong ong lai in whole year of Goat Year....Huat ar!!!


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