Coca-Cola Chinese New Year Customized Coca-Cola Cans

This campaign, they organize a roadshows around Malaysia for consumers to personalised their coke can by adding names on the can.The campaign is going about two weeks and not many people know about it. But from the source power of social media, people begin sharing and news spread.

I went on the last day of the roadshow 15th FEB at CHECKERS CHERAS .

We reach CHECKERS on 8.30a.m , CHECKERS open their business at 9a.m and we are lucky there was not much people arrive early and we are in queue on 5th . Crowd started after 10a.m .

Full Trolley 12 cartoon of 24 cans , everyone shop like end of the world...everyone gone crazy same as me...wuahahaha

The booth start to operate at 10 a.m .
This HOw the T&C works , Customized Coca-Cola cans is free with Purchase of minimum 1 box (10 cans) or 1 carton (24 cans)
1 box (10 cans)    =  get 1 free Customized Coca-Cola cans
1 carton (24 cans) =  get 2 free Customized Coca-Cola cans

Coca-Cola Chinese New Year roadshows from 24th January to 15th February 2015 and customize very own auspicious Coca-Cola cans!

Supermarket Activation time: 11am to 10pm
24th January Giant Klang Bukit Tinggi
25th January AEON BIG Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
27th January AEON BIG Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
31st January AEON One Utama, Petaling Jaya
31st January TF Value Sungai Siput, Ipoh
1st February Giant Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya
1st February AEON Station 18, Ipoh
6th February AEON BIG Sutera Mall, Johor
7th February AEON Bukit Indah, Johor
8th February Giant Plentong, Johor
8th February Sunshine Farlim, Penang
13th February Giant Farlim, Penang
14th February Econsave Raja Uda, Penang
15th February Giant Bayan Baru, Penang
15th February Checkers Cheras

Astro CNY Activation time: 4pm to 9.30pm
24th January Klang Tesco Bukit Tinggi
7th February Tesco Bukit Mertajam, Penang
14th February Tesco Melaka

Make it even more meaningful this Chinese New Year, a Coca-Cola Happiness Machine was created. It will allow friends and family to personalise their very own Coca-Cola Can by adding the names of their loved ones onto each can with love . But of coutse with conditions that the total alphabets do not exceed the limit allowed 

I did one for G-Dragon .

And if you’re an avid collector of limited edition Coca-Cola cans, these ones are definitely a must-have! The limited edition cans come in eight auspicious designs – “happiness”, “wealth”, “abundance”, “good luck”, “prosperity”, “fortune”, “peace” and “a smooth year”. I collected all of them . 

Each can signifies a different wish to be shared with special design elements that bring out the symbolism behind each greeting, such as Chinese coins to represent fortune and a rice bucket to symbolise abundance.

The combination of contemporary design graphics with traditional calligraphic greeting characters is used to bridge the generation gaps, which makes it a meaningful way to share a Coca-Cola with every generation.


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