D'Mall , Boracay

Near Station 2 you can find a nice collection of businesses in what is called D'Mall. This is the commercial centre of Boracay where you will very likely find yourself at some point during your visit to this beautiful island destination. 

At D'Mall, there are many shops selling beach wear, trinkets and souvenirs which range from cheap to pricey; there are some recognisable brands so haggling may not be possible. In our experience the shops are also hassle-free for window shopping. 

D'Mall also has many cafes and restaurants (catering to various budgets) which shortly spill out along White Beach. We also found a few working ATM's here, a supermarket, a couple of pharmacies, bakeries, internet cafes... 

The presence of D'Mall also makes the area around Station 2 a good location for hotel stays because of the easy access to conveniences found at the D'Mall. At the same time, however, it is also a busy area to stay.

 D'Mall is the main shopping location of Boracay, even if it isn't a proper mall. It is where everyone goes if you need to buy something in Boracay during your stay on the island.


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