Jibby & Co , Empire Subang

Jibby & Co opened outside Empire Shopping Gallery , this place is in my must pay a visit list.... 

Honestly , I was seldom visit to Empire Shopping , I had to find the place by turning around so much time...huhu
Actually it was located stand alone building structure at the outdoor parking area... instantly become one of the Subang's new fancy hotspot for chill out. 

Jibby & Co has a first floor deck to occupy more seats and it's a great view from upstairs . With an all-glass perimeter, Jibby & Co. receives great illumination of sunlight during the day but equally bright at night as it's well-lit inside out. 

And especially during peak dining hours. Queue is long, service is slow and some of them even had their orders totally mixed up.

Fuhh!!....come let me show What I had for my Lunch...hehe

Flat White

Soft Shell Crab Burger On Brioche
The burger is served on a wooden chopping board along with spicy mayonnaise and sweet potato fries.

Kick Azz French Toast
This creme pattisere came with mixed berries, drizzled with maple glaze, crushed pistachio and honey cornflakes. 

2 scoop of Home made Gelato
the chocolate gelato is obviously chocolote it was rich in taste and the vanilla was not bad too...

Iced Flat White

Quite a nice place to celebrate birthdays too as they have really long tables on the upper floor....

Jibby & Co
GK11, Empire Shopping Gallery,Subang Jaya,
Tel : +6(03) 5613 7070
(Make reservation if possible)
Daily: 8.30 am - 10 pm


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