Flying Wan Ton Mee , Seapark

My First Visit and It's Gonna be My last Visit By Honestly...
I wanna try this quite long ago since I Read From some blog that recommended and It's was nearby My place...

After We had our Badminton Sweat Out and This Flying wan tan mee was Up to my mind,so I ask them to have a try on this something interesting Flying thing...

Large Wan Ton Mee With Chicken Slice
3 Piece Soup Wan Ton
6 Piece "Sui Gao"
The Special Chilli 
Only Two choices of drink can be order,Chinese Tea or Chinese Herbal Tea,As My advise better get Chinese Tea rather than Get Chinese Herbal Tea, no taste no herbal essence....

About the Noodles was so so only,Maybe itself only special in how they fly the mee, I Wish to get some respond of you guy after a visit..Will You Go for Second Time?? 

For Me,satu kali Cukup Coz the Price not really Reasonable....

3 X Large Wanton Mee
3 X Chinese Herbal Tea
1 X 6 Piece "Sui Gao"

Beside Seapark Wet Market
Business Hours : 6pm Till sold Out
(After 9pm nothing much left)


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