Bear Paw , Paradigm Mall

Bear paw is a growing Taiwan franchise restaurant in Malaysia as there is always a demand for the Burgers.  Every Burger restaurant will have their own special ingredients and products and same goes to the Bear Paw where the Burger are in the Bear Paw shape and comes with 3 different types of Buns(Milk, Brown Sugar and Whole Wheat). 

They capture the heart of youngsters

Bear Paw's menu is fairly simple of offering a good variety of burgers and rice to satisfy your cravings.they have 3 main types of burger buns : Milk , Whole Wheat and Brown Sugar..

They have a substantial variety of meat : chicken ham , fried chicken , fried spicy chicken and fish

Finish the burger order with your choice of sauce : chili sauce , Thai chili sauce ,  thousand island , tartar , honey mustard and teriyaki .

I loved the bun as it had an interesting twist to it. Instead of normal burger kinda buns, theirs were actually made from Pao dough. So the texture of it was really fluffy and it even had a little bit of chewiness on it. The chicken patty was pretty good as well, since it was actually a real chicken fillet with chicken meat.

MCDonald's Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe is better and Cheap than this...lolz


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