Fresh Nutmeg Juice , Balik Pulau

Making the fresh Buah Pala(nutmeg) juice is a pain-staking manual process. The fresh fruits are cut into halves and then the seeds removed. When an order comes in, these are blended in a juicer.

The juice has the tangy bite of the nutmeg with an underlying slight bitter taste. It is really refreshing on a hot day.

The nutmeg juice is sold by Kheng Hoe Cafe at the Balik Pulau new market. The juice they sell was slightly sweet, it would be a good idea when ordering to tell them to pull back on the syrup. They are one of a few coffee stalls that sell fresh nutmeg juice here. At first when I took a sip, I thought this drink is too strong for me. But after a few more sips, it actually was very nice and refreshing. 

Pesembor (Rojak)

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