Restoran R Cheng Fei Zhou Yu Wantan Mee (亚菁非洲鱼云吞面) , Rawang

I Went to this place Alone when i'm on the way back to my hometown ipoh during Chinese New Year 2014,you guys can come here using the old road to rawang to ipoh ,gonna have a big turn if using Plus highway to this place....

My plan was to arrive at this wantan mee place for lunch,this shop was Tucked deep in a housing estate in Rawang (Jalan LKS 5), with many signages leading to this place.

The serving comes in a large platter with a fair sized Tilapia fish that has been sliced in half together with some Wantan noodles. To go with the dish there is a wide choice of gravy, from simple garlic to dark soy gravy, etc.

The dish is good but not exceptional, but there are other good food to savor here - read on to find out.

The menu with pictures, but kinda tiny pictures
Jing Zhen - Golden Slice Garlic Sauce
Jiang Zheng - Steamed with slice Ginger
"You Hua" - Oil and smooth
"Jia Li" - Curry
"Gan Jian" - deep fried

Fried Fish Curry Wantan Noodles
Since they specialize in tilapia fish with wantan,I decide get to try one...A very massive and satisfying meal in a extra large metal bowl plates , Fish is fresh, cripsy and crunchy , The Wantan noodles also tasted really good in this sauce.

Definitely will come again and try out others flavour , just feel wanna add noodle on it coz the noodles portion kinda small for me....hehe

E13 Jalan LKS 5
Kampong Lee Kim Sai,
48000 Rawang,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 012-304 5671 / 017-201 1928 / 016-983 4888
Contact Person : Tang Wan Cheng
    GPS : 3.368337, 101.606927  

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