Restoran Kim Hoe金河茶餐室, Pulau Ketam

On 21st of February which was a cloudy Friday, we went to Pulau Ketam for seafood purpose!
For whether you are looking for a short or even a budget trip nearby over the weekend with friends.....

We step in to this shop for a try from a friend recomended...
The first place most visitors head is to one of its seafood restaurants. We chose Restaurant Kim Hoe, about a ten-minute walk from the jetty....

Ginger Stir Bamboo Clam
The bamboo Clam was big, succulent and juicy. However...

Saitoo Fish Ball Soup 
The saitoo fish ball is one of the famous dine in KIM HOE. The saitoo fish ball is bouncy and the taste is simply magnificent delighting. The fish ball soup was just simply.

Salted Egg Crab
Here come the 1.8kg non-fresh crab,i think or i thought they gonna serve us with fresh and juicy crab,but it comes worst coz the crab meat is stick on the crab shell and will feel no mood to eat after u crawing for the meat that not easily come out..ZZzzzzz

Egg Stir Ginger Prawn
this was nice to eat....egg steam under the prawn makes the prawns more sweater.this pottion can say is fresh.

Teochew Style Steamed Silver Pomfret

Choy Sum
this was good as the vegetable was crunchy and not soft.. The garlic sauce made it tasty too..

LaLa Chien
As a visitor at Pulau ketam,eveyone should try this that located just beside KIM HOE Restaurant

fresh crab that just for dishplay and non-fresh been served...lolxx
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