Grandma Traditional Curry Laksa Mee , Ayer Itam , Penang

During Our visit to the Kek Lok Zi at Ayer Itam perhaps you won't wanted to miss the delicious Asam Laksa when sold beside the Market, but there is another more interesting story happening everyday

Two Granma who are more than 70's years old still running their Curry Mee business beside the bridge further up at the Ayer Itam Market Street.. The store is just right in front of a Church entrance, the place is always crowded with many visitors and customers after many reporters, TV, Blog and others media were here to interview them.

You might realize that there is not proper store for them operate their store daily, they only rely on the ground and small stools to cook and to serve their customers.....
They quite friendly and always do according to their customers request... 
For me,their curry mee is not the best, but somehow how they operate and the story behind which more attractive to me.After you order they will slowly cook and serve it to you, but you have to stand there to wait for you turn to be serve and you might have to be very patient with the hit of the bowl they serve...
The store is quite isolated from the main street, if you not able to find it, you might just simply ask the people around there, everyone knows them after so long they operate the store over there....

To locate this “stall” is quite a challenge though especially for someone who are unfamiliar with the Air Itam market. It’ located just by the river. When you are here, look out for a TOTO shop, directly opposite of the shop is this road. Walk in and you shall see the curry mee.

Taste wise, it is very different from the other curry mee you would find in Penang. The curry soup tastes much lighter and the self-made chili paste is really spicy instead of being sweet flavored. Mixing only one spoonful of chili paste into the noodles would easily make it three times spicier than the rest in the island, no kidding. As for the ingredients, they are are simple but sufficient: dried curry squids, pork blood cubes and tofu pok.


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