Nadeje Mille Crepe (Thousand Layer Crepe Cake), Melacca

Layer Cake As our of my favourite haunts in Melaka: Nadeje  Cake House......

Nadeje originated since year 2006 and have since then established its reputation of delivering its quality with the fresh and finest ingredients. There are more than just mille crepe in Nadeje and apart from their famous layer cake, they also have other amazing cakes and tarts. Not to forget how they are each distinctly flavourful in its own way.

Crepes are originated from France, and are commonly served with a variety of fillings. Mille crepe directly translates thousand layers of crepes. Here is Nadeje, each slice priced at RM 9 each and there is an array of beverages to go with those lovely cake slices as well.

I start with the Original flavour, and the layers were fine and each layer is filled with fresh cream. They say the best thing to try is to always start off with the original flavours...
This cake is the signature cake.. Home made custard cream with Tahitian Vanilla Beans mix with Fresh Cream. It would melt smoothly in your mouth… 

the caramelized top layer crepe add a different texture and slight sweetness to the soft light crepes. Being Japanese cream, it is light and not too sweet and it will not be jelat or overly rich even after a few slices.

My cup of Cappuccino - with a coffee art on top of it....

There are a number of flavours offered in Nadeje - Original, Cheese, Strawberry, Rum & Raisin, chocolate, Tiramisu, Mango Yourgurt, Gula Melaka, Praline, Mocha, chocolate banana ... and many many more. You may not get the more popular flavours like strawberry and rum & raisin during weekends.
The Mille Crepe were cut to slices and each is carefully wrapped with aluminium foils in the display fridge.  These are prepared for easy take-away so as to ensure the mille crepes would not stick together in the boxes. You can see customers packing large number of slices for take-away.  Dried ice provided for take-away.  We even saw someone with a big cooler bag, wonder if its provided by Nadeje for substantial orders.

NADEJE PATISSERIE ,G-23 & 25, Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka. 
Tel No : 606-283 8750.

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