Idea Innovation Of Shabu Shabu,The Strand,KD

New Steamboat in town That located at The Strand,Kota Damansara....
They Launch Official grand opening On 31st OCT 2013,This Shop Started to operate 21st OCT Before their grand opening....

The Decoration style at here is to attract for those youngster and Family with two shoplot combine together for smoking area and non-smoking area And have VIP Room for 10 person so you can shout and laugh out loud...wuhahaha

Individual set meal- 2 sets over here comes with pork slices, some meatballs, pork roll needle mushroom, prawns, greens, noodles and others

Sei Dou Fishball,Kinda Bouncy!!
A new trend has arises in another style of steamboat(shabu-shabu) where everyone gets to eat in their own pot,pour in whatever they want while maintaining the sanitary level(without saliva exchange in the soup using own chopsticks).

pork satay-recipe is easy to make and the satay can either be oven-broiled or grilled on your barbecue,One thing that really makes this Satay recipe stand out is the peanut butter. The nutty flavor mixed with the mild smokiness of the soy sauce and the sweet brown sugar, combines well to form delicious morsels perfect for get togethers.

Meanwhile, make the peanut sauce. Pulse the peanuts in a food processor until very finely chopped (or coarsely ground), then tip into a bowl.

Singapore-style chilli sauce-The unusually high proportion of garlic heightens the fragrance of the resulting chilli sauce. The sugar helps tame the spiciness a little while vinegar adds allure. Be it seafood or meats, this sharp sauce will help keep you going.

First of all, the choices of soup base itself are already an attractive option in any steamboat restaurants.
Each seat comes with a control panel where one can adjust the tempeature to boil the soup at their preference,Although they use electrical stove instead of conventional gas stove, the whole pot and meal is nevertheless still warm

To me, I still prefer the old fashioned way of everyone gathers for one pot of steamboat:
The steamy and sweating, chit-chat while waiting the soup to boil and ingredient to be cooked, digging of what's sank to the bottom like treasure hunting, wondering together if that piece of meat is cooked, concerning each other's likes and dislikes, competing over the one and only meatball.....These are what made it meaningful.

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