Bar.B.Q Plaza,One Utama Shopping Mall

Bar B.Q. Plaza is located at the Rainforest section,Bar.B.Q Plaza gives customers the chance to experience self grilling in a fun and lively environment. This unique cooking experience makes dining at Bar.B.Q more enjoyable. Their persistence in serving a selection of high quality meats and fresh vegetables....However it has now expand over few places in KL. The outlets are at 1Utama Shopping Centre (1st branch), Sunway Pyramid Shopping centre, AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre and Berjaya Times Square, IOI Mall Puchong & Gurney Plaza, Penang. 

The first Bar.B.Q Plaza is located at Thailand. The mascot of Bar.B.Q Plaza is Bar.B.Gon but it looks like a cute dinosaur.

We choose Supreme Pork Set which include Pork, Bacon, Chicken, Squid, Shrimp, Udon, Sliced Cabbage, Baby Corn, Carrot, Lettuce, Tomato, enough to feed for two of us. I like the pork slice served is really contented or what said eat until satisfy my stomach.

Fried Bacon Roll 
Garlic Fried Rice

Fried Bacon Roll-Bacon strip rolled with enokitake, asparagus and deep fried. The bacon roll is undeniably porky, sinful, complemented by the fair taste of vege to reduce greasiness...But the sauce, it’s a cross between mayo and thousand island with ketchup as some side dishes.

Garlic Fried Rice-their speciallity-garlic fried rice. A little buttery and garlicky in taste, the rice is fluffy

The Sauce-their special barbeque sauce, chilies, some slices of lime and minced garlic which are free of charge to accompany the meal has made them successful in getting a large crowd.....
the powerful sauce is said to bring the forth finest flavour of the morsels of meat and seafood. No more chilli sauce needed....

Hot plates used in Bar.B.Q Plaza are specially customized, with hot plate at the center for grilling and side area for soup. Some may find that the soup area was too small because the soup area is specially designed in that narrow size to lock the sweetness of meat and vegetables in the soup.
there are some steps to follow at Bar B.Q. Plaza to ensure your meal is as good as it could be.

     ~~oHHH Hell Yeah....Its rEADY TO EAT!!~~

All in all, this place is not too bad.  At least they serve really fresh ingredients and you get a chance to taste the natural flavours of food And is pretty comfortable and clean.  Service-wise, they are pretty quick to refill the cabbage

Bar.B.Q Plaza

F338 A, First Floor,

Rainforest (New Wing),

One Utama Shopping



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