Ais Tingkap @ Jalan Tamil,Penang Chowrasta Market

In Penang, if we talk about desserts at Penang Road the attention  will be automatically diverted to the Teow Chew Cendol. There are something which not many people knows and located just a few blocks away. The cold drink which I mention is known as Ais Tingkap.

A Glass Of Ais Tingkap RM1.50

The whole glass of drink may look like an ordinary rose syrup filled with shaved ice and coconut meat...

The whole glass got more basil seeds,coconut water,rose essence and a spray of secret juice which consist of more than 20 ingredients inside. 

Ais Tingkap (Window Sherbet)

Lebuh Tamil/Tamil Street, Penang.
GPS Coordinates: N5 25.066 E100 19.884
Open daily 12pm to 8pm 
(Closed on Sundays)

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