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Xiao Fei Yang =小肥羊= (Uptown Branch)

This place has a very tantalizing name - Xiao Fei Yang (小肥羊 - Little Fat Goat). It look nice n clean but they charge us RM1 ringgit per pax for using the utensils (mess kit),that we are paying for their dish washers worker and another service tax are charge in the bill...NONSENSE!!!不是给不起,是不值得给! Everything need to pay except this : it for free...lolz 3 types of dipping sauce, chilli, fermented bean curd (豆腐乳) and also sesame sauce. RM 23 FOR THE SOUP BASE ONLY We ordered the combination of soup as steamboat base: Herbal Chicken Soup and Ma La '麻辣汤' Peppercorn Seed Soup ~As we know that the soup was boiled using chicken, pork, mutton and of course their own 'secret recipe' of herbs and spices. Meatball   mushroom peanuts ,taufu & pickled papaya as appetizers  RM3 Per side dish FRESH  innards slice This How u tick for wat u order... RM 191 for 3 person...when the bills comes....i straight away