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Friendscino, Sri Petaling

Are you still considering where to watch this coming FIFA World Cup Match?? Eddy Rush Fatboy and The crew found the cheapest Connor's Stout deal in town, I'm serious that this is the best deal during this FIFA World Cup period.
On the table! Friendscino Sri Petaling is having a FLASH SALE for 10 Mugs of Connor's with FREE french fries only at RM70, from 10 am - 10 pm and Promotion ends 30th June 2018. Since The Fifa world cup starting soon, Why don't gather your friends and family together to scream at the precious moment. Don't Worry Folks, The Flash deals are happening early morning from 10AM. No Worries to miss it, You can have it all day longggggggg.Burpp*
Friendscino Started their business in Sri Petaling Quite some time that offering Fine dining experience with wide range of foods and wine, Friendscino is located at JALAN RADIN BAGUS 3 with Darts decks. Friendscino restaurant and bar offers modern Western fusion which is suitable for all Malaysian. The name o…

Alanna’s Kitchen, Pandan Indah

阿兰娜厨房(Alanna’s Kitchen)是供应各种阿拉伯, 中国和西方美食的最佳餐厅之一. 阿兰娜厨房一年前以来一直在Pandan Indah经营, 并得到了住在那附近的人们很受欢迎的美味食物. 它拥有JAKIM的HALAL认, 所有的菜都非常好. 在这里用餐感觉就像在家里一样, 你可以在这家餐厅舒适地吃饭. 工作人员非常好, 让你感到受欢迎. 这家餐厅的装饰简单而美观.
ARABIC BBQ CHICKEN WITH RICE 14.50 我绝对喜欢这道菜, 烧烤鸡肉和阿拉伯大米好好吃. 鸡肉的大小令人满意和蒜酱是一个惊. 还有特殊的咖喱粉使它很好吃.
SEAFOOD TOM YAM WITH RICE 16.90 东炎里有满满新鲜的鱿鱼, 虾, 蛤蜊和其它各种海鲜, 东炎汤也不缺乏味道, 因为它够辛辣和浓郁.
ARABIC LAMB MANDY WITH RICE 19.90 而旁边的另外的酱汁给了它那令人兴奋的味道,大米也联合了一种芳香,组合在一起也太棒了. 这道菜强烈推荐给所有爱吃羊肉的人.
ALANNA’S SPECIAL GRILLED CHICKEN WITH RICE 15.90 这就有点不同会令你味道绝对特别, 简单而美味的烤鸡肉饭真正的不一样. 这道菜上的小炭烧烤至完美, 从腌料, 米饭和酱汁中汲取了丰富的味道.
阿兰娜厨房还拥有蛋糕, 这些蛋糕为了要新鲜所以每两天制作一次来保持客户可享受新鲜的蛋糕. 新鲜出炉的蛋糕是用优质食材, 所以蛋糕会非常美味. 基本上如果你想尝试一个新的地方吃东西, 你可以尝试阿兰娜厨房. 如果你想在这里举办私人活动也欢迎, 您的活动里阿兰娜厨房会准备美味的美食给您的来宾. 外卖货服务也有的.

Alanna’s Kitchen
Address : No. 8, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23D,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8AM-3PM | 6PM-11PM. Sat-Sun, 9AM-11PM
Contact : 03-9201 7134

Eat Drink Thai, Kota Damansara

Ta-Da. Thai Thai Thai and Thai Foods again, Once again and again Eddy Rush Fatboy went to thai food around Dataran Sunway area and the Shop name is "Eat Drink Thai Restaurant". This brand name surely is well known by Thai foods lover in Klang valley, It's start operated to public since more than one years till today.
Today I'm here to taste out Eat Drink Thai Restaurant Signature Red Tom Yum Seafood Pot and Thai style Steamboat that take customers on a culinary adventure around, While maintaining its reputation for offering comfort food, as it drives to elevate the comfort food proposition on which the brand has been built.
The beautiful industrialist yet homey feeling whenever you enter and it will give you a sense of what is really all about foods, chill and relax. The feeling will make you stay here even longer and it would also make for a good place for a bottle of Chang beer or just enjoy a great meal. The atmosphere is serene and cozy that looks like your are …

Traditional Makcik Kiah Menu for Break fasting, Sri Petaling

Restoran Warung Makcik Kiah is located at Jalan Radin Bagus 9 Sri Petaling serve various delicious dishes for breaking the fasting with traditional Malay cuisine. Restoren McK has been operating for five months at Sri Petaling by YB Dato Paduka Syed Isa Syed Alwi (Managing Director of Premia International Sdn Bhd) YB was inspired by her late mother, Ms. Kiah, who is well known cooks Kuantan dishes for over 40 years.
For the fasting month, McK offers set of Ramadan that you want to break fast with a reasonable price. With simple surrounding gave a cozy atmosphere to dine in here, This stack block of bricks Actually special area to experience part for diner to enjoy their foods by sitting on the floor with cross-legged(bersila) . Dishes here have Tempoyak Catfish, spicy sour stingray, three taste grouper, Beef bone soup, Fried spice chicken and delicacies other appetizers. also served in the sets are chicken papric, mix vegetables, tom yam, omelette and malay traditional cakes. Price s…

DurianBB Park, Imbi | Kuala Lumpur

Don't tell me That you don't know what is Durian| If you don't know what is Durian, Eddy Rush fatboy will bring you here. The durian is the fruit of several tree species, at least nine of which produce edible fruit, and over 300 named varieties in Thailand, 102 in Indonesia, and 100 in Malaysia. Regarded by many people in Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits".
Dining with Durian comes to a whole new level, The brand of Durian BB started in Hong Kong in 2015 then spread to mainland China, Macau, Singapore and finally landed in Malaysia. The story of Durian BB Started when A Hong Kong business man Created the brand and import durian from Malaysia and sells to hongkies in Hong kong. Seriously, there was really high demand for Durian at Hong kong and Mainland China. So , the Owner open with the brand across asia and least but not last at the city of Kuala Lumpur.
What is so special about the place, Does The durian taste different?
Alright, obviously the Durian is s…