Pokka The Innovative Drinks Company .

The next time you buy a can of melon milk or cold coffee from a vending machine you might well be sampling a product from Pokka , an innovative company with an interesting history . Pokka , The japanese born drinks beverage for decades started at Nagoya . It was the first Japanese company in the drinks industry to establish an overseas base , in Singapore in 1977 . Now it also have factories in China , Malaysia and the United States .

The product portfolio and packaging cater to varying retailing and consumer requirements in different markets . Today, more than 60 varieties of beverages in various packaging are being produced in Singapore and Malaysia for distribution in both local and overseas markets . The "Pokka" trademark is synonymous to "Quality" and this is made possible by a team of experienced and qualified quality control personnel working in its Quality Assurance Department . All products are manufactured under the license and strictest quality control standard of Pokka Japan .

"Pokka" Jasmine Green Tea
Pokka Jasmine Green Tea lets you delight in the gentle aroma of jasmine blooms with the highest quality green tea . It is brewed with carefully selected premium tea leaves , giving you the superior taste you have come to love . It is also a great source of natural antioxidants .
"Pokka" Honey Lemon 1.5 L
Pokka Honey Lemon brings the naturally soothing honey and the refreshing goodness of lemon . This delicious blend is a perfect thirst quencher especially during a hot summer day that refreshing me with every sip .
"Pokka" Premium Cappuccino
Pokka Premium Cappuccino is perfection and rich flavourful coffee with smooth creamy milk . Brewed from selected gourmet coffee beans , Smoothly blended with high quality milk .
"Pokka" Premium Milk Coffee
Pokka Premium Milk Coffee is real-brewed for coffee lovers or those who like to enjoy with quality and fine taste of the coffee , Real brewed from selected premium coffee beans .
"Pokka" Melon Milk
Pokka Melon Milk Drink comes with the flavours of real delicious melon juice , smoothly fused with silky natural milk . Made without preservatives and Best to be served when chilled & Shake well before opening .
"Pokka" Cookies & Cream Milk
It took a genius to mix Cookies and Cream swirled in silky blended , this creamy indulgence was made to entice your taste buds and with the added benefit of no preservatives .
Backed by over 30 years of experience in the beverage industry and more than 16 years in restaurant and food outlet management , Pokka is well known in the F&B scene of Malaysia for decades . Pokka beverage products reach consumers via comprehensive that cover major supermarkets , convenience stores , petrol kiosks , F&B outlets and provision shops . Pokka aims to be the "choice of beverage brand" to lifestyle and health conscious consumers .


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